10 Tips to improve your spanish skills fast while studying spanish in Spain

10 Tips to improve your spanish skills fast while studying spanish in Spain -Image by huffingtonpost.com1. Try to stay for a substantial amount of time; one or two weeks might not be worth it, depending on your level (if you want a vacation, just take a vacation!).

2. Attend every day of class, and even if you don’t do all the homework, try to do enough to get the idea of the lessons that were taught that day.

3. Get over your embarrassment and ask questions in class, practice Spanish in the streets and with friends as much as possible. If you don’t… you’ll regret it later.

4. Get a Spanish girlfriend or boyfriend (unless you’re already committed!). This is a tried and tested method.

5. Avoid falling into a group of international friends that’s mostly interested in sun and fiesta but that never practices Spanish.

6. Go to intercambio or put an ad online and in the university (main bulletin board, library) for language exchange. Intercambio is a program that exists in most cities where people with different language backgrounds teach each other and make social contacts.

7. Go to free salsa classes. Wednesday nights are common times for free salsa classes at many Spanish pubs. This is also a good opportunity to meet new people and practice Spanish while having fun.

8. Remain open always to meeting new people and conversing with friendly people in the (exercise good judgement though!). Spanish people are very open and talkative and have no trouble striking up conversations with strangers. They’re also very patient and pleasant to talk to if you make an effort to communicate with them as best you can.

9. Enjoy Spanish arts: movies, books, music… especially those you find to be entertaining while educational.

 10. Finally, have the legitimate intention to learn a new language! If you do, things can only go your way. Good luck!

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