Guest Blogging

Become a Guest Blogger
Have any interesting thoughts or experiences you’d like to write about related to studying Spanish in Spain? We invite you to share them with us and the world at large via the UniSpain guest blogger program! If you’re interested, please read our terms of collaboration below.

Content Guidelines

• Originality: While everyone uses outside material to help their writing process, copy and paste is a definite no-no. The post must be 100% written by you.
• Spontaneity vs. editing: Freshness need not be constrained by correction. Write freely, but do go back and revise your material a few times before submitting it. Spelling and grammar mistakes hurt the reader’s eye!
• Structure: The particular form you want your text to take is up to you. We accept anything from traditional title-and-body submissions, to list-driven posts. We do ask that the submission consist of 400 words or more and be well argued. If you have any studies or data-driven graphics you’d like us to include, let us know and we’ll be happy to do so.
• Images: We prefer posts to be submitted along with an attractive image (horizontally oriented, if possible) related to the theme in question. Please let us know where the image came from so that we can attribute it properly.
• Links: We’re more than glad to accept any relevant and useful links you’d like to include in the post as long as they’re of benefit to the reader. But please don’t send a submission if your sole intention is to receive a link. We’re looking strictly for quality content.
• Themes: Before you start writing, take a look at our previous blog posts to make sure you won’t be repeating a theme that’s already been covered. We strive to keep topics fresh for our readers. Of course, you’re welcome to provide a new take on a topic that’s already been discussed as long as you’re confident you’re bringing a deeper or alternative perspective to the table.

Social Visibility & Reproduction Rights

We’d like your guest post to be visible in the social media realms, so please feel free to share it via your social profiles once it gets posted. We do ask, however, that you refrain from reproducing the entirety of the post elsewhere as we must ensure that all content published on the UniSpain blog remains original. Share it, link to it from your own blog, or make reference to it from another article, but please avoid duplicating content. Thanks!

Get in Touch

If you agree with the above collaboration terms, send us an email at info[at]unispain(dot)com letting us know what you’d like to write about and we’ll be in touch with you soon. We look forward to welcoming you as a UniSpain guest blogger!