If you are looking for a language school in Spain but are bewildered by the choice of locations on offer – don’t worry. As well as offering a great choice of language schools, we can also offer you expert advice on choosing the right language school for you at the very best price. The perfect combination of quality and price For many students, price is the driving factor when it comes to choosing a language course. But of course, the cheapest school may not offer the best overall package for …CONTINUE READING

  When learning a new topic, it really is important that the environment is conducive to that learning so, if you’re thinking of learning Spanish in Spain, let’s look at what conditions might help or hinder the learning process. Like in any country, language can vary from north to south, east or west, so choosing the best location will play a large part in the success of that learning. While what I like to refer to as the King’s Spanish is Castilian (Castellano), this being the Spanish spoken with the …CONTINUE READING

Does age play a big part in our learning ability?  We all know that young children are like sponges and can learn something new without a problem.  They learn their native language by simply being amongst people of the same language and they eventually speak it well.  But what about learning a second language?  Just how easy is that? Language has structure.  A simple example in English would be the verb to speak.  So, I speak, you speak, he speaks, we speak and so on.  And so it is with …CONTINUE READING

When you search for something in particular on the internet for the first time, there’s a lot of guesswork involved.  It’s rather like starting a new job; you haven’t a clue what you are doing at first but, after a little time, you start getting to grips with the whys and wherefores of the jo b and, eventually, you can do it with confidence and maybe even go on to teach others. And it’s the same when looking for a language course; there are lot of courses out there but …CONTINUE READING

You’d be surprised how many students of a foreign language do not want to know about the verbs and yet, without them, you can’t make sense of a communication. And, while we all know about the past, present and future, there may be more than one category of each.  Look no further than ‘I am going to’ and ‘I will’ for the future tense and ‘I went’ and ‘I was going’ when talking in the past tense, two different ways of talking about what you plan to do in the …CONTINUE READING

If you’re going to study Spanish in Spain, you’ll need to marry the chosen course to suitable accommodation, so it  pays to go to the experts, like UniSpain, to pull all of your needs together. What is the right course?  Start with questions like how much of the language do you already know, why do you want to learn the language (e.g. for holidays, for work, or to retire there) and what is your availability? How much of the language do you already know?  While courses can be one month, …CONTINUE READING

When a programme is tailored to suit the specific needs of a group, its desired outcome is still one of success and knowing exactly what the individuals in a group want to achieve is key to that required result. A course of action can then be planned to cater for all involved, leading to harmony amongst the team members and that desired positive result. When the course is a language course, knowing the current levels of understanding of the individual group members is undoubtedly the starting point, as having a …CONTINUE READING

We all like to find the best price for whatever we want to purchase, so the same goes for the price to be paid for a group Spanish course in Spain. How do you know if you’ve got the best price and, indeed, what does ‘best price’ mean to you? As we say, you’ve only been overcharged if that’s how you really feel about the price you paid so, in the case of a group Spanish course, what would you be looking for? Some of the points could be:- Location …CONTINUE READING

When you learn Spanish at your local college, the quality of that learning depends on the quality of the teaching and the interaction within the group but, whether good or bad, the class still finishes with students going back home and into the comfort of their own language and culture. Actually getting to use your newly-acquired language may be just a dream and, like with anything you learn, that certificate says ‘you know’ that topic but, if you haven’t actually used it, your confidence can start to slide a little. …CONTINUE READING

When you organise anything, it’s always best to either speak with someone ‘in the know’ or research the information or, maybe do both, as inside knowledge gives you tried and tested routes to check out for yourself. However, if your planned destination involves another language and culture, these differences-cum-challenges need to be taken into consideration. In our forever forging world economic society, knowing other languages must now be close to top of the list of desired qualities in employees but what if you already have a full complement of outstanding …CONTINUE READING