The one who has been there, done it and worn the tee-shirt will say that the best way to learn a language is to study in that country and this does make sense but what about when, as with Spanish, the language is spoken in many countries around the world?  Here are six reasons why it makes sense to study Spanish in the country of origin, rather than in some other country where the language turned up later. When learning Spanish, pronunciation is so very important and, if we compare …CONTINUE READING

While English is classed as the business language of the world, Spanish falls a close second and so being master of both puts you in a good position in that business world of today.  It will also greatly enhance your curriculum vitae.  Like other languages, Spanish accents and dialects vary from region to region and from country to country, so it’s worth making sure you go to the right institution to learn how to speak effective Spanish and two of the routes you could go down are a university education …CONTINUE READING

When it comes to choosing the most suitable Spanish language package in Spain, it can be either a straightforward task, or it can be really difficult and it all boils down to what knowledge you already have at your fingertips. If you’re learning from scratch, one of the first fears with trying to book a successful course is the language itself. Will the phone calls I make be met with a foreign voice? How many times am I likely to hang up in frustration? Which part of Spain will offer …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain, we truly believe in the benefits of studying Spanish in Spain as both a potentially rewarding professional investment and as an enriching personal experience. But we understand that not everyone has the resources to fund such an endeavour, and thus, each year it is our pleasure to award a scholarship to two deserving candidates to come study Spanish in Spain – all expenses paid, except the cost of transportation to and from Spain and day to day personal allowances. Yup! It’s always so exciting. And we’re at it yet again! …CONTINUE READING

Comparing Spanish course prices in Spain When you Google for information like “cheap language courses in Spain” or “best Spanish language schools in Barcelona” you are bound to find a multitude of language school websites, study abroad packages and agencies. One of the pages that you’ll come across will belong to UniSpain. Who is UniSpain? UniSpain is an online agency offering Spanish language courses in 43 reputable language schools in Spain. We work with 43 language schools on the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Isles and the Balearics, including both private …CONTINUE READING

Online payments can cause us uncertainty. How do I pay? Are my money and my credit card details safe? When will I get a booking confirmation? This article will give you a clear answer to all your questions regarding internet bookings and payments done on UniSpain’s website.   Before payment Before you pay for a UniSpain course, you should choose your destination and school very carefully. We would suggest you try the UniSpain Course Finder and School Comparison Tool to help you decide, if you haven’t yet made your choice. …CONTINUE READING

Ready to book your Spanish language course in Spain? If so, you are probably reading this post to find out whether it will cost you anything extra to register with UniSpain, and how things work on our online registration page. No, UniSpain will not charge you an extra registration fee. Language schools in Spain normally charge a registration fee, but we will not ask you for one on top. Read our step-by-step registration guide below. You’ll find out how the process works before you try it.   Not familiar with …CONTINUE READING

Great news! Do you want to study Spanish in Spain, but aren’t quite sure if your bank account will stretch to the challenge? UniSpain has a new Special Offers section where you can find quality Spanish language courses in Spain at a very affordable price.   Location, location, location Here are some greatly discounted destinations for you to consider: Barcelona – Ever popular, fashionable and artsy, city and sea in an elegant metropolis! Madrid – Spain’s capital that never sleeps. Need we say more? Valencia – Modern architecture, Spanish city …CONTINUE READING

Are you considering a trip to Spain to learn Spanish? If so, you have two main ways of booking a Spanish language course in Spain: By booking directly with a language school By booking through a study-abroad agency Today we’ll look at the second option, agencies. Study-abroad agencies, like we at UniSpain, are attractive to language students looking to travel abroad. Agencies can make bookings easy. You can compare various courses and destinations online, book accommodation as part of the package and some agencies also offer discounts. Specialist study-abroad agencies …CONTINUE READING

Who doesn’t love free stuff? That is what I thought…everyone does! Especially when it is a Free eBook offered by UniSpain that serves as a comprehensive Spanish language learning guide and would be the perfect complement to any Spanish language course. The UniSpain Free Spanish Study Guide can be easily downloaded here in pdf format in just a couple of seconds and is sure to get you started learning Spanish even before you arrive in Spain! It has something for everyone, no matter the Spanish level – from the true and utter complete beginner to …CONTINUE READING