Spanish is one of the most popular choices for the study of a second language. Take a look at some famous people that have studied Spanish and discover how they learned the language, as well as how they use it in their lives. Gwyneth Paltrow While still a teenager, the Hollywood actress spent a year studying Spanish in Talavera de la Reina, in the province of Toledo. She has claimed that it was a life-changing experience and that she fell in love with the country and the lifestyle. She has …CONTINUE READING

Spain is a country famous for its fiestas and ferias! Most are usually based on religion, like the Semana Santa celebrations, and some on tradition, such as La Tomatina. Some are famous worldwide, such as the San Fermin festival (during which the Running of the Bulls takes place) and some are simply crazy, like the goat-throwing festival of Zamora, where a live goat is hurled from the church tower and caught by the crowd beneath (it was banned in 2002). Additionally, each town has its own feria once a year- …CONTINUE READING

Bored of cramming irregular verbs? Shuddering at the thought of another Spanish vocabulary exercise? Then it’s time to change tack. How about watching some quality TV in Spanish and letting the language wash over you? Make some popcorn while you’re at it. We’ve chose five top programmes, from five different categories for you to watch: News, Soap Operas, Documentaries, Internet Series and Drama. Check them out. Learning Spanish will never be boring again. #5 – NEWS: BBC Mundo BBC Mundo is the Spanish-language news service belonging to BBC World Service. …CONTINUE READING

Dean is 11 years old. He lives in Hampshire, UK, and has four huge football posters on his bedroom walls. They are all of Cristiano Ronaldo. Dean plays with a local kids’ team on Saturdays. Sarah is 17, and she plays high school soccer in Colorado, USA. She is very good at the game, but needs to get into college, so that she can play at a higher level. Jorgen from Denmark is only 6. He’s only played some football at school, but he loves all sports and outdoor activities …CONTINUE READING

Need an excuse to skip off to Spain to learn Spanish? Here are seven good ones… 1. Spanish is not really a foreign language anymore English may still be the world’s most spoken language, but Spanish is quickly taking over other non-English languages. Why? Because so many people in emerging economies and major business sectors (like finance, import-export, travel and leisure, entertainment, recruitment, medicine and journalism) speak Spanish. There’s a big market out there if you want to create business or get a really good job. The British Council recently …CONTINUE READING

A handsome dark stranger smiles at you from across the dance floor and before you know it, he walks up to you. Your heart beats faster as his gorgeous brown eyes lock into yours… and then he says something really fast, in Spanish. You blink. “Er… perdón?” He repeats himself, but you’re none the wiser. After a few attempts, disappointed, you watch as he shrugs his shoulders… and asks the girl next to you to dance! Socialising in Spain Not understanding what native Spanish speakers say to you is the …CONTINUE READING

A great way to support your studies during your Spanish language course in Spain would be to immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking lifestyle; to build upon what you learn during your lessons in the classroom. A tried and true method to improve your Spanish language skills  is to make the learning process a fun one! One of the many benefits of learning Spanish is being able to tap into the wealth of Hispanic culture all over the world in the form of food, film, literature, and of course, music! I would be …CONTINUE READING

Barcelona! The capital of Catalonia Spain! What a great opportunity to have to see one of the world’s most visited metropolitan cities – a huge networking ground of Europe! The city is known for its vibrant energy which could prove to be a tad overwhelming, sucking you into a roller coaster adventure full of Spanish culture – and hopefully, Spanish language learning. Here at UniSpain, we would love that you take full advantage of your opportunity to live and study in Barcelona, so we have compiled a list of fun Language exchange activities …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain, we love to provide you with great tips on your Spanish language learning journey. Take a read at the advice from today’s guest blogger Andrew, who spent the last several years teaching himself Spanish from home with free online resources and media such as TV shows, movies, music, books, etc. This a great and fun way to complement a Spanish language course in Spain. Here is Andrew: Why it needs to be FUN and how we’re going to do it I can’t possibly overemphasize how important this is, even though …CONTINUE READING

Ibiza!!!! Need I say more? No….but, I need to write an article. Summer is here! If you are thinking of killing two birds with one stone; that is to say, thinking of taking a great vacation in Spain and throwing in a quality Spanish language course or two – look no further! You could strike an ideal balance at Ibiza! The island of parties, Spanish culture and an all around great time which is also home to an awesome Spanish language school – a complete package! First, let’s take a …CONTINUE READING