If you want to learn Spanish at a Spanish University, you may be wondering what that will be like. Is the quality of tuition good? Will there be many people in each class? Is it easy to make friends, or get involved in activities? What about finding accommodation? In this article, we’ll try to give you an all-round idea of Spanish courses at Spain’s public universities. Who can study at a Spanish University? The great news is, almost anybody can take a Spanish university language course, as long as you …CONTINUE READING

Northern Spain is sometimes ignored as a language study destination, with Madrid and Barcelona, or the sunnier southern cities getting most of the attention. But Spain’s north provides a culturally rich, fascinating setting for learning Spanish. From historical, cobble stoned cities, cathedral spires and beaches, to some of Spain’s best tapas, here’s a rundown of the top Spanish schools in Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastian and Pamplona. DESTINATION #1: SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Santiago is probably one of the most picturesque and seductive cities in the whole of Spain. Imagine the …CONTINUE READING

Studying Spanish in Spain doesn’t have to be expensive. While big cities like Madrid and Barcelona require students to save a hefty sum to afford living, studying, and traveling, there are quite a few cities that offer an affordable and enjoyable lifestyle to short term or long term students. Students that are interested in studying in Spain should consider more than just the cost of tuition when they look for the best city to study in. Some of the important costs to take into account are: accommodation, groceries, dining in …CONTINUE READING