This section is designed to get all of your questions about accommodation cleared up. What can you expect from the various forms of accommodation offered on our site? Where will your host family be located? What kind of room-mates will you share your student apartment with? Can you change places if you’re not satisfied with your living situation? Is it possible to arrive early or stay later than specified in the original booking? Is it more affordable to look for accommodation on your own? All of these questions and more will be answered.


Student Accommodation in Spain – Residence vs Family vs Flat-Share
An overview of the available housing options in Spain with pros of cons of each type.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living with a Host Family in Spain
Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of living with a Spanish host family while studying Spanish in Spain plus things to consider before choosing


Find Your Flat-Share in Spain From Your Home Country
An insightful post that gives concrete advice and useful tips to independently undertaking your flat-share search on-line before you even arrive in Spain.


Guide to Choosing a Flat-Share in Spain By Yourself
A detailed check-list of questions to ask and factors to consider that will help you to make a better choice of apartment/flat when renting directly on your own without an agent.


Shared-Flat Scams in Spain – Be on the Alert!
An article to help you protect yourself against potential money scams when searching for a room in a shared flat on your own from afar via the internet.


Accommodation facts and prices for your language learning trip in Spain
Some facts about the types of accommodation offered by UniSpain for a language learning trip in Spain. You can find some options in order to make your language trip unforgettable.


Typical Student Accommodation Problems in Spain and How to Solve Them
A comprehensive guide that proposes solutions to potential problems that could arise in your Spanish residence – lost keys, broken appliances, faulty facilities etc.


Top 5 Student Residences in Spain: Best Quality Accommodation for Language Students
A useful presentation and mini guide to the best student residences in Spain and their associated language school with descriptions, pictures and price quotes.


Studying Spanish in Spain: What Accommodation Type Best Suits My Age?
Let us consider certain factors that may influence the choice of residence that would best suit your needs.