Spanish for Professional – A Tailor-Made Professional Learning Curve

building strategy - business people meetingWhen you organise anything, it’s always best to either speak with someone ‘in the know’ or research the information or, maybe do both, as inside knowledge gives you tried and tested routes to check out for yourself. However, if your planned destination involves another language and culture, these differences-cum-challenges need to be taken into consideration.

In our forever forging world economic society, knowing other languages must now be close to top of the list of desired qualities in employees but what if you already have a full complement of outstanding professionals and want to top up their skills with understanding another language? While there are many languages in the world, Spanish is one that will allow business access into many countries and so how do you go about finding the right course for, let’s say, your own marketing team?

Language courses can be found in language schools and also in universities and knowing which one fits the bill could take time, especially if you don’t speak Spanish. Hearing the significant differences between this course and that one may have communication / understanding breakdowns and the things you didn’t think about (e.g. closeness of suitable and affordable accommodation) may have a substantial negative effect on the overall outcome. Getting back to ‘in the know’, a good company like UniSpain will make searching feel like the job is already done and the best course was just waiting to be named.

So, what would professionals want?

A group of professionals will want to know that the course is tailored to their professional expectations. Businesses are very different to each other and so ‘tailor-made’ courses are worth their weight in gold. Maybe one company needs to understand computer phrases, whilst another needs to understand retail vocabulary and the related shopping culture.

Business-Practice-in-Spain- image by something new is always a good experience but a laid-back course should have pre-arranged ‘out of the classroom’ activities, which allow participants to feel comfortable in their current environment. Something as simple as a visit to a typical Spanish restaurant, a golf course, or maybe a visit to a like-minded company, will be things to look forward to and therefore add gloss to the learning experience.

It takes a load off your mind when you have accommodation which provides your needs e.g. a group ambience within the accommodation provided and ‘time out’ facilities close by. Winding down is an important part of a successful learning curve, as it should never come across as all work and no play.

Imagine it .. . I want a cheap airport connection and a short journey to suitable accommodation. I want the accommodation to be close to the course venue and I need to know that there are pubs, a golf course etc. nearby. The course content must be tailored to (for example) professional computer analysts (and not some other work environment) and the whole thing must be affordable. On top of that, I need this, this and that …

UniSpain have already done the research and are definitely ‘in the know’, so how much easier will it be to tell a professional provider what you want and for them to do this for you? Lots of good ideas set off with good intentions but never get off the ground, because getting it all to come together will be a time-consuming headache and with little guarantee of success until the event is over. With all costs added into a tailored package, changes could be made if needed and a savvy employer will be able to say yes to a professional course which will do everything it was intended to do.

And give the promise of good feedback and good results.

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