Top 5 Last Minute Summer Offers for Cheapest Spanish Courses in Spain

Top 5 Last Minute Summer Offers for Cheapest Spanish Courses in Spain - Picture by a last-minute summer deal on a Spanish course in Spain? Maybe you’ve been searching the web already? If so, you’ll have noticed it’s difficult to find any summer language course deals in Spain right now. This is because 80% of the yearly foreign students studying Spanish in Spain come here in the summer. But, there are a few tricks you can try to get a cheaper deal…

How to find a cheap summer Spanish course in Spain

In general, Spanish courses cost the same all year round – in fact, there are more special offers during the rest of the year because summer is mostly high season here. At UniSpain, however, we can give you some insider tips on how to nab a last-minute summer deal. Below we’ve shared some secret industry knowledge and five special summer offers with you.

UNISPAIN’S 5 INSIDER TIPS: How to Find a Cheap Summer Spanish Course in Spain

Insider Tip 1 – Get your own accommodation

Accommodation is what tends to bring summer language course prices up. So if you can source your own accommodation near the language school, this can cut your costs dramatically. The other way is to find offers in low-season summer destinations that have accommodation included. Check out the offers just below.

Insider Tip 2 – Go inland

Top 5 Best Spanish Language School Discounts in Spain in 2014 - Picture by abc.esPopular beach destinations, such as Malaga or Alicante, really suffer from high accommodation prices. So head inland instead to places like Madrid, Seville or Salamanca. This will work out easier and cheaper for you… although beware: inland Spain gets hot, hot, hot in the summer! Check out the Babylon and Sampere language school offers below.

Insider Tip 3 – Head to the Canaries

A great option is to go to the Canary Islands where the high season runs from September to March. Now is the perfect time to find a deal there. Check out the Gran Canaria School offer just below, which also comes with accommodation.

Insider Tip 6 – Travel with friends

Get a few friends together from your Spanish classes back home and look for group offers. These usually last all year round and if a school you like has places left, you might just get lucky. Check out the group offers below.



10-20% Discounts on Short and Long-term Intensive Courses

babylonBabylon Idiomas is a high quality school offering great courses. They are giving 10-20% off on courses lasting between 2-52 weeks in 2014. It is the perfect summer deal: both cities are located inland, so they are not as popular as coast destinations. Note, however, that both cities get very sunny and hot in the summer.

The discount is applicable to the “Intensive 20” and “Intensive 20+5” courses at Babylon Idiomas. They each include 20 weekly Spanish lessons, and additionally the Intensive 20+5 includes five culture lessons. You can get 10% off the total price if you book between 2-19 weeks, and if you book more than 20 weeks your discount will be 20%.

Babylon Idiomas schools have a track record of excellence and have won several awards for the quality of their teaching methods and premises. They also place a lot of emphasis on Spanish immersion outside the classes, so there’s a fun cultural and activity programme too.


4 Weeks All-inclusive Course + Accommodation + Half Board

Here is pretty much a perfect summer offer. Gran Canaria School, as the name suggests, is based in the Canary Islands. It is a really good school with a great family atmosphere and many surprising little extras.

The offer includes a 4-week Standard Course, single or shared accommodation with half board, plus one weekly excursion, an online course and a grammar book. From now until September 2014, the offer is available at 1215€ for a single person in single accommodation. There’s two of you? You can get the offer at 1773€ for two people in shared double accommodation. This is pretty much unbeatable value.

Gran Canaria School is in the sub-tropical Canary Isles, so expect the summer there to be really sunny and sub-tropical! This school is accredited by the Alcalá University, so its premises, teaching materials and tuition methods have been given a stamp of excellence. The school has its own accommodation, as well as a chef who prepares delicious dishes for all the students.


10% Discount on 8+ Weeks Courses

esc_estudio-sampere_logo sampere rojo 20093091946Looking for a long-term, last minute July/August/September course? Then you should book 8 weeks or more at the Sampere School in Madrid or Salamanca.

The Sampere language school chain has been around for a long time and the teaching staff is highly experienced. The Salamanca school is smaller, whereas the Madrid school takes in over 2000 students every year. This language school chain has developed its own learning materials and methods, and has a fun activity programme. These factors make learning at the school enjoyable and effective.

The Sampere Madrid course runs over 8 weeks with 20 weekly lessons and 4 cultural classes at 1,322€. The Sampere Salamanca 8-week course also includes 20 lessons per week, plus four weekly cultural classes at 1,187€.


One week in Cadiz learning Spanish & surfing for only 290€!

Top 5 Last Minute Summer Offers for Cheapest Spanish Courses in Spain - Picture by myspanishinspain.wordpress.comThis is a specific summer offer! There are very limited spaces left so you should hurry… If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish and learn to surf, this is your deal. Spending a week on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Cadiz learning both costs only 290€! The offer includes a one-week course with 25 Spanish classes and 5 surfing lessons. The surf classes each last 1 hour 30 minutes and are held in the afternoons after the classes. Books, materials and enrolment are all included.

K2 Internacional is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, one of the highest stamps of quality for language schools in Spain. The school is based in a renovated 19th century building in the historic district of Cadiz city, surrounded by small shops, cafés and walking distance from the beach.


5-15% Discounts for groups

Top 5 Last Minute Summer Offers for Cheapest Spanish Courses in Spain -Picture by

Finally, if you have really set your heart on a summer offer that involves beaches and sunshine, don’t worry, you might still get a discounted deal if you can find two or more friends to travel with. A bit trickier because of the location, but you never know if you might get lucky, Malaga Plus on the sunny Costa del Sol offers an all-year 5% discount for 3+ students. Similarly, the above-featured K2 Internacional School in Cadiz gives 10% off to 3 or more students booking together as a group. Term & Conditions

Finally, if you’re not so bothered about being on the beach and want to travel with friends, the Tia Tula School in Salamanca offers 12% off for 2+ friends booking together – and a massive 15% discount if there are 3 or more of you. Terms & Conditions

Want more information?

If you want to know more about the above offers or have questions about destinations and schools,get in touchor visit the UniSpain website. We’ll tell you all about the best language course deals in Spain right now. After all, that’s what we do. ¡Hasta pronto y disfrutad del verano!

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