Can I trust a language agent?

Study Spanish in Spain - Image by elmundomovil.comSo, you want to study Spanish in Spain. In which city should you choose to study? And in which school specifically? There are over a thousand Spanish schools in Spain, and that number is constantly growing. Naturally, some are more established and offer better quality courses than others. So how do you sort the good from the bad? Unlike finding a university, there is not a wealth of information available to aid you in making your choice, such as league tables. Obviously, ask a school itself and they will always recommend that you choose them. So how to decide? Well, that’s where a language agency comes into play.


A language agency works with a variety of schools all over Spain, each of which pays them commission if they attract students to sign up to a course. Here at UniSpain, we split the commission with you which is why we are able to offer such low prices- take a look at our Price Guarantee.


We work only with the best schools in Spain, and since we receive commission from all schools, we can genuinely provide you with unbiased information regarding which part of Spain to study in and at what school specifically. We turn away plenty of schools each year (regardless of how much commission they offer us) if they do not meet our high standards of quality.


As we are a Spanish company based in Spain, we can assure you that we know the country inside out. Given that the different regions of Spain vary hugely (in terms of culture, climate, regional languages, traditions etc.), this extra information will prove to be very useful when making your choice. We can also help you find the perfect school and specific course; whether you want a school with intensive courses, DELE preparation courses, vocational-style courses (business Spanish for example), or schools that offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Here at UniSpain, we have more than 10 years of experience and have worked with over 8000 clients.


Other types of agencies

Some online agencies choose not to mention the name of the schools they offer on their website, because they are afraid that clients will then go and book directly with the school, or that they themselves might charge higher prices than the official school prices. We prefer to be upfront and place at your disposal the names of each school we work with as well as any other information we have available. We feel that honesty is the best policy; after all would you use and agency to book a hotel without first knowing its name?acc7


There are also local agencies in your own home country, where you can go in and discuss various courses and schools in person. This is a good option for those who prefer to book face-to-face and have a more personalised service. However, this extra service does come at extra cost.


Not trusting an agency with your money

We understand that many people are afraid of using an online agency to book something as important and expensive as a language course- everyone knows about the dangers of online fraud.


No matter what agency you are thinking about using, we recommend that you look up their credentials (e.g. contact information, online comments from previous clients, etc). At UniSpain, we offer online copies of each collaboration letter with each school. If you still have any doubts about the authenticity of an agency, contact the school and ask them if they really do work with the agency in question.


We hope to have given you a clearer idea of how language agencies operate and just exactly how they make their money (and how we as an agency can offer the cheapest Spanish courses around!). Booking a course through an agency will ensure that your trip to Spain suits your individual needs and preferences and runs smoothly.

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