Spanish courses for professionals -Why a University Course Will Boost Your Career  

 Going to a Spanish University to study Spain - Picture by queaprendemoshoy.comNo matter which country is our native home, we now live in a very cosmopolitan society and so languages are definitely the future.  If we look at the spread of language use over the world as a whole, English comes in first as the business language of the world, with Spanish the next most widely-spoken language.  So, if you excel in both, that opens up a lot of opportunities for you in the world of work.

Not only does having expertise open up the work of interpreting the spoken word, it also opens up the need for editing and proofreading those languages and also preparing websites for internet businesses who know they can increase their profits if their websites show intelligent language, as opposed to a make-do style of communication.

So, you can see the sense in learning Spanish to a high level and there’s no better way than attending a course at a university in Spain.  This doesn’t mean taking a year out from your regular commitments, as life still goes on and bills have to be paid.  No, the fact is that you can enrol for short courses of let’s say one, two or three months and come away with a qualification that can grace your CV with proof of your skill in the language you profess to speak.

So, how do you do it?Study in a Spanish University - Picture by

At UniSpain, we like to be the professional link between education and the eager student of Spanish.  Once you’ve decided which university is the right one for you from the choice of universities who provide these short courses, our staff do all of the spade work for you and you’re free to enjoy everything from your initial arrival to the completion of the course. Malaga, Salamanca, Barcelona and Madrid universities all offer these short courses so, once you’ve checked out which location is best for you, we will get you enrolled at the university, we will meet you at the airport, take you to your accommodation (chosen by you and arranged by us), show you around your local area and help you on that first day at university. Okay, such a comfortable package does cost more than you going along and doing all the research yourself and only you can make the decision on which method best meets both your needs and financial pocket.

Starting on a positive note makes learning much more enjoyable and having a university course listed on your CV definitely opens doors.  But that’s not the only beauty of attending a university; there’s also the fact that you will be mixing with many Spanish students who might already be working, or going to work, for companies that might need a bilingual worker in Spanish and English, Spanish and Chinese, or some other pairing of languages.

Study Spanish in Spain - Image by elmundomovil.comUniSpain also provides free time activities, such as visits to places of interest, as well as getting you street savvy, via restaurants and culture.  We have found that Spanish employers who are looking for employees for language work are highly impressed by someone who has studied in Spain and got to know the ways of the country, more so than with someone who has learnt from a course in the comfort of their own home town. That’s because having gone that extra mile, the interviewer senses that the interviewee would dedicate equal effort to the job he or she was being interviewed for, a win-win situation for employer and employee.


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