What can I get from studying Spanish in Spain?

What can I get studying spanish in Spain-Imagen vía yourhiddenpotential.co.ukAs a student, the opportunity to study abroad is one of the best advantages you have. Not only will you be given the chance to learn a new language, but you’ll come into contact with a culture different from your own. These experiences often result in profound personal growth and a widening of perspective, and what better time to get them under your belt than as a student, when traveling is at its easiest?

A study abroad experience in Spain is an excellent choice because you’ll find it a highly enjoyable experience personally (Spain has an irresistible culture and lifestyle) as well as rewarding for your future; Spanish is the world’s second choice, after English, for a foreign language and as such is an extremely useful tool.

Linguistic and cultural immersion
Cultural life in Spain is renowned throughout the world. Its people seem to maintain an admirable balance between the demands of home and work with the basic need for relaxation, enjoyment and excitement in a social setting (found aplenty during la marcha, the all-important Spanish nightlife).

Immersing yourself in an environment where Spanish can be heard and read everywhere at all times is unquestionably the quickest and most effective way of absorbing the language. Using what you learn in the classroom as you go about the daily activities of life will reinforce your knowledge and provide the best possible context for practice.

The value of speaking Spanish in today’s world
The value of speaking Spanish in today’s world is great: it is the official language in over 20 countries, and more than 400 million people speak it natively throughout the world. In the U.S. as well as many countries in Europe, higher salaries are available to Spanish-speaking employees that can work with a large and continually expanding Hispanic market.

Studying a language abroad is a real asset when it comes time to preparing a CV or resume. It sends a message to employers that you’re the type of person that’s willing to face a new and potentially challenging situation in order to learn new lessons and acquire new skills.

Spanish, a world of opportunities
Many students interested in international business are attracted to Spain because of the growing role it plays within Europe as a bridge to Latin America. In a world where globalization is increasingly the rule, Spain plays a crucial role in the interaction between European and Latin American markets.

This link to Latin America transcends beyond the world of business to the political and cultural world, making Spain an appealing destination to students of international politics and the social sciences as well.

Learning Spanish in Spain throws the doors open to an entire world of opportunities, facilitating travel and the coming into contact with new cultures and ways of seeing the world. As the birthplace of Spanish, Spain offers the most original and compatible form of the language available anywhere in the world.

You’re not likely to regret your decision to study Spanish in Spain. Surrounded by friendly and open people, in an environment that delivers both naturally (good weather, beautiful beaches) and socially (excellent nightlife and leisure opportunities), you’ll at once acquire an excellent and useful skill for the future and deeply enjoy your study abroad experience.

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