Where to study Spanish in Spain: the Help Choosing Tool explained

help choosing tool- image by www.unispain.comWant to study Spanish in Spain but have no idea where to start? Here at UniSpain we have created a Help Choosing Tool which does exactly what it says on the tin– helps you to choose where in Spain, and at which school specifically, to study Spanish! It doesn’t matter if you have no previous knowledge of Spain or no idea about Spanish schools; we have created this tool to give you a quick introduction to the various options in order to help you start your search. Just answer a few questions and the tool will provide you with a selection of the best cities and schools suited to your needs and tastes.


As a country, Spain varies vastly from region to region. Contrary to popular belief, not all of Spain is hot and Mediterranean– the North for example can be cold and rainy at times– and climate, culture and even prices differ enormously throughout the country. Your city can really make or break your experience- if you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings, your Spanish learning will suffer, whereas a city suited to you will enhance your overall experience of Spanish culture.

The questions used in our Help Choosing Tool are based on a variety of elements that you should consider when selecting a city. For example, the type of city and the size. Scared of the stress of life in a big city? Or worried you’ll be bored in a smaller one? Answer accordingly. Other considerations are weather, cultural attractions and nightlife. The question about price is key- especially if you are on a tight budget.

cadiz- image by dailymail.co.ukSchool

Choosing the right school is of utmost importance– of course, every single school and university UniSpain works with is of top-quality. Each one employs fully-qualified professors (all holding degrees and with extensive Spanish teaching experience) and offer interactive, up-to-date courses with the best teaching methods. However, each school has its own particular quirks, therefore this section of the tool can help you to make your decision.

When selecting the right school, factors to consider are available start dates, class sizes and facilities. Extracurricular activities are also an element that can enhance your experience.  There is also a question about age range preferences, which is especially important- most people would prefer to learn with people of their own age.


The Help Choosing Tool then shows you the cities and schools best suited to you, based on percentage matches. You can see a quick profile of each school, including key facts, as well as ratings of each city based on the factors discussed above. The information provided about the schools is very brief; if you prefer a search tool with more information then take a look at our Course Finder Tool.

We hope you will make use of our Help Choosing Tool and that it will prove useful when starting your search- as well as saving you time wading through reams of information!

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