Au pairing is an enriching cultural experience: the chance to travel to a new country, live with a host family, learn a new language and immerse yourself in a new culture. It is also an inexpensive way to spend a longer period of time in a foreign country. However, some common complaints that au pairs have are: Not learning enough Spanish because the family requested that they speak in English all the time with the children Picking up wrong grammar or baby language from the children they were looking after …CONTINUE READING

We at UniSpain have recently collaborated with an established Spanish au pair agency to launch a new au pair service. This exciting new project offers you the ideal way to combine a Spanish language course with the chance to work as an au pair in Spain. Au pairs go abroad to live with a host family and care for their children. Accommodation and meals are provided by the family, as well as a weekly allowance. Our au pair service matches you to a compatible host family, as well as enrolls …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain, we have teamed up with an established Spanish au pair agency to launch a new au pair service, which offers you the chance to combine au pairing in Spain with a top-quality Spanish language course. This is ideal for those wanting to stay in Spain long-term and work as an au pair whilst also learning the Spanish language. 1. Complete immersion: As an au pair, you will live with a Spanish family. This will allow you to adapt to the Spanish way of life- customs, cuisine, mealtime …CONTINUE READING