Is studying Spanish in Spain better than an online course?

Online vs in country - imagen by edudemicLearning a new language is something that can be endlessly rewarding, but it isn’t always the easiest skill to learn.

Today, more and more people are choosing to study Spanish. Learning to speak Spanish could give you what it takes to move ahead in business, to broaden your professional and social network, to explore new travel opportunities, and to generally expand your horizons.

Two of the most popular ways to study Spanish are through online courses or through language immersion programs in the country where the language is spoken. Each method of study offers its benefits and drawbacks.

For many students, studying Spanish online is an easy way to begin learning Spanish. But almost everyone will agree that nothing compares to learning Spanish in Spain where you’re fully immersed in the vibrant culture and rich vocabulary of the language’s native land. Here are a few more reasons why studying Spanish online or through an in-country language course might be right for you.



Learning Spanish online is something that anyone can do from nearly anywhere that has an internet connection. For this reason, online Spanish courses offer a simple way to begin learning the language.

Online courses are convenient, allowing you to study when and where you want. Taking care of your work or family needs won’t stop you from learning a new language. Online courses are also convenient because you can begin courses at times that work best for you without having to take time away from work or other obligations.

Online courses can also be very cost effective in comparison to studying a language abroad. Sometimes prices for online courses can be less than $100 per term for a course that has received strong reviews. It is also quite easy to find free online courses or Spanish language instruction, but often the quality of information in free or cheap courses is quite poor.

Studying Spanish through an online course also offers some flexibility with pacing. Online courses are offered for a variety of durations and intensities allowing you to move through classes slowly or quickly to best suit your needs.

Your home is your classroom when you study Spanish online. Wherever you choose to work, whether it is an internet café, library, or on your sofa, taking an online course can be as comfortable and easy as you want it to be.


Studying in Country

While studying Spanish online might be the easy route, nothing compares to learning a language where its spoken and there’s no faster way to learn Spanish than to spend 24 hours a day immersed in that beautiful language.

Choosing to study Spanish in Spain allows you to make rapid progress often picking up skills that require years to learn in just weeks or a few months. Often students come to Spain without any Spanish speaking skills and leave just a few weeks later being able to comfortably travel and engage in casual conversations in Spanish.

Students that choose to spend an extended amount of time studying in Spain, from several months to a year, are often able to become nearly fluent in the language, reaching a level of speaking and reading that would requires many years of study if learned elsewhere.

When you attend a Spanish language school, you know you’re getting the best language instruction available because you’re learning from the people who speak the language every day.

Studying online might be cheap, but often course material is outdated or vocabulary isn’t what a natural Spanish speaker would use.

With in-country Spanish classes you’re able to receive immediate feedback and corrections from expert instructors.

Instructors go beyond the basics of grammar to give students a whole language approach to learning including speaking, reading, listening, and interacting in Spanish.

Language instruction in Spain doesn’t end when you leave the classroom because the whole country will be your classroom. With an online language course it’s easy to fall behind in the curriculum or to not put your best effort into learning the new language, but when you study in Spain, you’ll be learning the language in every part of your life at every hour of the day.

In-country language programs are a full cultural experience, allowing you to practice Spanish throughout the day whether you’re traveling, socializing, dining, or living with other students or a host family.

For some, traveling overseas to learn a new language might be too expensive, but in many ways, learning Spanish abroad could be more cost effective than online courses. Learning Spanish through an online course could take years because of the slow pacing. Students also sometimes feel that they have wasted their time and money taking a course that isn’t the correct level.

It’s also quite easy to rapidly regress in your speaking abilities after taking time away from an online course. Learning Spanish in-country is fast paced, perfectly suited to your ability level, and you won’t forget a word because you’ll be living and breathing Spanish 24 hours a day while you’re in Spain.

The upfront cost of an online course might sound appealing, but when you take into account the cost of wasted classes and year after year of paying for courses, in-country study might be the perfect choice for you.

The most compelling reason to study Spanish in Spain isn’t the cost, the quality of instruction, or the pacing of courses, it’s the fact that you’ll be in Spain where every day is a new opportunity to have fun, meet new people, make new memories, and have the time of your life.

Imagine spending your mornings engaged in conversation with teachers and new friends then enjoying your afternoons and evenings by exploring the city, tasting new foods, and trying new things. Online Spanish courses might be the easy choice, but learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to learn the language quickly and effectively and it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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