UniSpain Free Spanish Study Guide

free_spanish_ebookWho doesn’t love free stuff? That is what I thought…everyone does!

Especially when it is a Free eBook offered by UniSpain that serves as a comprehensive Spanish language learning guide and would be the perfect complement to any Spanish language course.

The UniSpain Free Spanish Study Guide can be easily downloaded here in pdf format in just a couple of seconds and is sure to get you started learning Spanish even before you arrive in Spain!

It has something for everyone, no matter the Spanish level – from the true and utter complete beginner to more advanced students. The topics are so diverse and practical that even the best Spanish students could benefit from their contents.

The writing style is simple and easy to follow, and complemented with dynamic images to help your memory association. It also includes several great tips for diction rules in Spanish that will help you understand the basic principles behind the pronunciation of words. This will be extremely helpful to you from the moment you get off the plane so that you have a better chance of making yourself understood.

It is filled with lots of useful information and handy pieces of advice to help you avoid typical grammatical errors and linguistic loopholes that often plague the average Spanish student. It presents even then most complex grammar rules in a clear and concise manner making the concepts simpler to process so that you can learn them correctly from the very start of your studies.

If you decide to print out the pages, or save the eBook in your smartphone -
the UniSpain Free Spanish Study Guide can also serve as an on hand dictionary and phrasebook.


It contains so many day to day words of vocabulary and important phrases relevant to everyday situations that you are bound to need to know in order to survive your first few weeks in Spain.

Its contents are well organized by subject matter and makes it easy to leaf through to find the right phrase at the right time. Even if you do not, as yet, speak Spanish, you will be able to follow the phonetics tips, read the sentences and state what you need or give appropriate responses to questions you are asked.

Why don’t you take a glance for yourself – it is free after all.
I am sure that you will find that the eBook will not only be a great complement to any Spanish language course that you are enrolled in, but perhaps also your reliable go to buddy throughout your time in Spain!

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