10 Reasons to Study Spanish in Málaga

A beautiful paradise in Andalusia, in the South of Spain! It lies on the Costa del Sol of the Mediterranean and enjoys a subtropical-Mediterranean climate.
No doubt, it would be a great setting while you study Spanish in Spain.
But if you still need a little more convincing, read on:

1. Weather
This one is a no-brainer. Málaga is known for its amazing weather all year long. Its “winters” see average temperature that run between 7-17 degrees Celsius (45 -63 degrees Fahrenheit). And perhaps even more appealing than the temperature is the almost constant bright clear skies that set the tone of the personality of the city and its people.

2. Beaches
Yup! Fortunately for the city – its great weather is put to great use! It doesn’t lie on Sunny Coast for nothing. Beaches are abundant in Málaga! With water that is hardly ever too cold and local restaurants scattered across the beaches that provide local refreshments and traditional seafood cuisine. Top top it off…. every year there is a huge Beach festival in Málaga where the beaches stay open to all the whole day and night through!Malaga_Beach

3. Festivals
Speakings of Festivals….these are numerous in number and dripping with Spanish culture. From Film, to International Fairs, Carnivals and Holy Week Processions….and especially, La Feria de Málaga! A huge cultural fair that attracts people from all over the world each summer. All the festivals at Málaga are extremely diverse so that there is something for everyone no matter your tastes.

4. Food
And various tasty delicacies are abundant in Málaga. They are known for their seafood dishes as well as more traditional Spanish specialities. The plus? Given the great weather and proximity to the sea, all the food products in Málaga are fresh! It is not uncommon to see locals who eat fruits and vegetables right out the garden in their front yard!

5. Travel
Málaga is well situated in Andalusia, which makes it so much easier to travel around Southern Spain, and even up North. It harbours of the biggest airports, train stations and bus stations in Spain, hence, one could hop on a short ride over to Grenada, Nejar or other interesting nearby destinations.

6. Culturemalagafood
The city is riddled with lots of authentic Spanish culture and traditions that neither modernization nor  globalization could take away. The locals value Family and History, and radiate an inherent hospitality and warmth. It is also home to Flamenco, Picasso, Antonio Banderas. and even El Pimpi, a renowned traditional style Spanish bar with tapas in the centre of the city where many a Spanish celebrity can be seen.

7. Inexpensive
You know what makes all the above even more awesome? The lifestyle in Málaga is generally inexpensive, and no, this does not mean that the standard is lower. It just means that you will be lucky enough to get more for less money if you are so fortunate to live there! Grocery stores, restaurants, museums, transportation costs within the city and to neighbouring cities, clothing – everything is just less expensive here. And the icing on top? You will be a student entitled to student discounts so things will be even less expensive for you! Does it really get better than that?

8. Accent
Yes. I am sure you have heard about the local Spanish accent in Málaga. Sure, it could be difficult to understand at first, but rumour has it that this could serve you later on. Allegedly, if you learn Spanish in Málaga, you will be able to understand spoken Spanish anywhere else in Spain, and even in Latin-American countries and Hispanic islands! Your ear will be so fine tuned that you will easily comprehend all other Spanish dialects and accents worldwide!

9. Schools
And of course, the Spanish Language Schools. There are numerous private Spanish language institutes and public university programs in the city that offer courses of a high standard, in a conducive learning environment, and in certain cases, at unbeatable prices e.g. Málaga University. malagago

10. Way of Life
It just is what it is. There is a great quality of life in the city of Málaga. The locals have a laid back, positive attitude that is contagious and makes for a no pressure Spanish learning ambiance. Between the culture, the food, the weather, the festivals, the openness – Málaga would be a great setting for you to study Spanish while in Spain.

Why not try a summer course and see for yourself. If you want more, you could always come back in the autumn!
You’ll be having so much that you won’t realize all the progress you’re making!

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