Top 5 Cheapest Spanish University Language Courses

Campus life in Spain is exhilarating! Think about thousands of students from around the world, fine academic institutions set in historic grounds, and being surrounded by a passionate, exotic culture… as well as brand new sights, sounds, tastes and experiences. All the while becoming more and more fluent in Spanish.

Studying Spanish at one of Spain’s excellent universities is a great way to obtain a high quality language education, create international networks with peers and get actively involved in Hispanic student life. Many universities in Spain have excellent language programs, and foreign students tend to choose these courses not only for their high standard, but also because of their international prestige that will improve future career prospects.

Spanish university language courses are also very affordable and that is why they are an excellent choice if you want to study Spanish abroad on a tight budget. Below you will find five of the cheapest Spanish universities, complete with descriptions and prices for you to compare.

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#5 – Complutense University Madrid

The Complutense University in Madrid is a public university located only a short walk away from the Spanish capital’s emblematic Plaza de España. The university has been around for an impressive 500 years; this makes it one of the world’s oldest academic institutions. The Complutense university offers a small range of course options, that mostly consist of long-term programs, and the classes and lectures for foreign Spanish language students are given by local teachers and professors. With facilities ranging from a specialist library, swimming hall and sports grounds, the University offers foreign students an access card that entitles them to use the free resources and get student discounts on a variety of events and amenities. Apart from being located near the heart of the “city that never sleeps”, the Complutense campus mixes over 100,000 Spanish and foreign students together, giving Spanish language students a fantastic opportunity to hang with native Spanish speakers and practice their language skills. Complutense University offers intensive and summer courses, VIP packages, as well as term-length and full-year programs. Bearing in mind the university’s excellent reputation, the prices are extremely reasonable. Full term courses start at 1155€ (£1323 or $1717), offering 12 Spanish lessons per week and for advanced students, access to lectures and talks. A one-month summer intensive, including 20 lessons per week and a selection of weekly optional culture classes, will only set you back 924€ (£780 or $1199).


#4 – Alicante University

The great thing about Alicante University is that it offers intensive Spanish language courses of varying lengths. This means that you can book courses of any length, starting from 2 weeks and ranging up to as many as you need. You can find a course to suit any budget and language programs begin at the start of every month. Alicante University’s Spanish teachers have a degree in philology and are experienced in teaching Spanish as a second language The university is state owned and boasts its own Science Park as well as vast green areas, yet it is only 5 minutes from Alicante’s centre. With over thirty thousand students, it is currently one of the fastest growing universities in Spain and the Relations Centre, which organises an exchange program for foreign students, also runs an events schedule including excursions and sports activities, thus ensuring that foreign students get a maximum of chances to practice the language. Intensive courses start from as little as 323€ (£274 or $419) for a two-week intensive course containing 15 Spanish classes per week. If you wanted to up the ante, there is also a choice of doing 20 Spanish lessons per week, five of which would be additional subjects like conservation, culture, history or art. A 20-lessons-per-week schedule, for the duration of two months, only costs 1221€ (£1036 or $1585).


#3 – Salamanca University

Salamanca University is arguably Spain’s most prestigious (and therefore the most popular) university. Impressively, it was founded in 1218, thus making it also the oldest university in Spain. In Europe the university holds one of the strongest academic reputations and its historic, cultural and political legacy is well recognised worldwide. The university’s famous Patio de las Escuelas, with its majestic doorway and Gothic entrance hall, is as famous amongst the world’s academia as the Oxford Camera or Princeton’s ivy covered walls. Owned by the Spanish government, the university’s main building is old, but recently renovated and the classrooms are equipped with modern technology and air conditioning. Salamanca university is very proud to have a hugely varied international and multicultural student population and there is also a dedicated member of staff who looks after cultural activities, such as excursions or museum visits. Foreign students also get a student card, which gives access to the library, sports grounds, email and certain other facilities. At Salamaca you can choose shorter intensive courses, full term or year courses, as well as VIP packages. For a two week course containing 15 lessons per week, you’ll pay only 395€ (£335 or $513), but even the full term courses lasting about 8-10 weeks and containing the same number of lessons start at a very modest 1269€ (£335 or $513).


#2 – Santiago de Compostela University

The Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, or USC, is a university that truly belongs to language students. Santiago University’s philology faculty is a hub of international linguistic investigation and it is traditionally known as one of the best institutions for training language teachers and offering Spanish language courses to foreign students. In fact the university has over 50 years experience in teaching Spanish to students from other countries and takes active part in European student-mobility schemes like the Erasmus. The central Santiago campus is located very near the city centre. Combined with the university’s Lugo campus, the university buildings offers research facilities, libraries, sports grounds and student residences. Santiago University offers Spanish language programs that vary in length and which you can easily adapt to your learning needs and your purse. Prices start at a very modest 328€ (£278 or $425) for a two week summer intensive containing 20 lessons per week, but attending the university’s language program during three whole months (each week containing 20 lessons) is priced at only 1307€ (£1109 or $1697).


#1 – Malaga University

The courses offered by Malaga University are very wide in range. They start at beginner level and you can go right up to becoming a Spanish Language teacher on one of their officially accredited courses. The teachers at Malaga University all have a degree in philology and are experienced in teaching Spanish to foreign students. The Malaga University student campus is located in El Palo, which is one of the city’s old fishing districts, and now a delightful beach suburb. It has some great fish restaurants and beach bars, and you can enjoy relaxing seaside walks on the long beach promenade. Malaga is also well served by a large international airport and excellent bus and train connections both city-wide, as well as to all the most important Spanish destinations. Malaga University offers Spanish courses all year round, winter and summer, and their long-term courses are the cheapest out of all Spanish universities. Malaga is also one of Spain’s most economic cities for housing, food and public transport. You could take an intensive course or a four-week summer course for only 397€ (£336 or $508), but for a whole term containing 15 lessons each week, you’d spend 815€ (£691 or $ 1057).


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