18-35 Spanish Courses in Spain: Gap Years, Sabbaticals and More

Poised for success

If you are 18 to 35 years old and looking to enhance your studies or your career through learning Spanish in Spain, you are in a unique position. Never has there been such a choice of programs, courses, university gap year options, professional sabbaticals and vacation learning schemes available for you to choose from.

And with employers and universities fully grasping the value of students and employees, who are educated, skilled, well travelled and able to communicate with other cultures and countries in a second language, your time spent abroad studying Spanish now gives you a sharp competitive edge in any academic or corporate environment.


Student gap year benefits

When two education experts (and parents of gap-year students), Karl Haigler and Rae Nelson, decided to research and write a book on the value of taking time out before university, no one knew what a hit their work would be. First published in 2005, The Gap Year Advantage showcased a study of almost 300 students who had taken “alternative time off” and revealed astonishing data:

  • One of the top three benefits of a gap year reported by students was that it provided them with extra skills and knowledge, which positively contributed to their career and academic success
  • People who take a gap year are overwhelmingly more satisfied with their jobs than those who have not had an alternative experience before college or work
  • Gap year students are more mature, self-reliant and independent
  • “Time out” prevents job burn out and reduces college drop out rates
  • 60% reported that their time spent in alternative pursuits helped them find a successful direction in their studies and careers

To appease worried parents, over 90% of gap year students return home to full time higher education. And did you know that people who speak a second language earn 20% more than those who only speak one?


What about professional study breaks or work sabbaticals?

Sabbaticals that are well-structured, yet allow you to flexibly explore new knowledge and experiences, are the best way to add spice to your life and skills onto your resume, according to Michael Wolfe, a Startup Founder speaking to Forbes on 15 April, 2013.

Wolfe has already taken several career sabbaticals and is currently planning a trip to Barcelona, Spain – with his wife and kids. One of his key aims is of course to learn Spanish. And his family intends to learn the language too. But Wolfe said that he would also be enjoying the general benefits of travel and relaxation, engaging in some of his favourite hobbies, and definitely doing some Catalan cooking!

He reported that from his personal experience, sabbaticals greatly improve:

  • Levels of gratitude for what you already have
  • Energy levels and enthusiasm to return back to “normal life” afterwards
  • The chances of making new connections with people
  • Getting into a better state of health, both body and mind


Available Spanish language courses for Adults in Spain

The 18-29 age category

If you want a year’s grace before entering university or college, or you are in your mid-twenties looking for a year-out option before embarking on a career, you are lucky. There is huge demand for courses for this age group, and that’s why virtually every Spanish language school and university caters for students your age – and you’ll be practically guaranteed to find a full classroom of people your own age, especially during the summer months.

  • High standards at CLIC Sevilla. CLIC Sevilla gets extremely good student reviews every year. In UniSpain’s experience it is probably one of the best schools in Spain. With only 10 students in each class, highly competent teaching staff and excellent facilities, the school also offers excellent value for money. You can choose flexible course lengths at all levels, as well as DELE preparation. A three month course containing 30 lessons per week costs 2560€ (£2175 or $3341), but you can see a wide selection of other courses and prices here:


  • The science of language teaching at Barcelona University. Barcelona is the most popular destination for language students in Spain and Barcelona University is probably the most efficiently managed university in the country. The School of Modern Languages was established over 25 years ago, and is housed in a stunning Art Nouveau building equipped with WiFi, a walk away from Sagrada Familia. A 12-week course including 20 weekly lessons, plus cultural content, costs 2177€ (£1854 or $2831).


Ages 25-35

If you fall between the ages of 25 and 35, your best bet to finding people your own age on Spanish courses in Spain, is to pick weeks outside the summer and spring break seasons (when younger students usually travel). Here are two schools that are popular with the mid-twenties to mid-thirties student crowd:

  • Specialist subjects at the Escuela de Idiomas Nerja. Nerja is a quaint Andalusian seaside town with coved beaches, natural and historic sites, boutique shops, restaurants and winding narrow streets. The Escuela de Idiomas Nerja offers various specialist subjects like business, tourism, culture and literature, suitable for those want to expand their academic or professional horizons together with Spanish language. An intensive 1-month costs 1050€ (£889 or $1379).

A popular choice

Malaga University is favoured by many students, because of its range of courses and excellent value for money. Courses are available from beginner level right up to Spanish Language Teaching qualifications. The University’s courses run all year round and their long-term courses are the cheapest out of all Spanish universities. Take a term course for only 1645€ .


Take the first step

If you are planning to go and see the world, or shelve your job for a few months, your first step will probably be budgeting. To help you calculate the viability of you trip, try UniSpain’s calculator tool; you’ll get a good idea of how much your trip might cost. For a Spanish level test and other useful tools that will help you further plan your study break, visit UniSpain’s free learning resources. Finally, see over 40 Spanish language schools and universities that UniSpain has on offer in Spain.

Let us know your plans – we’d love to hear about the Spanish learning trip you are hoping to take!

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