4 Language Exchange Hangouts in Barcelona

Barcelona! The capital of Catalonia Spain! What a great opportunity to have to see one of the world’s most visited metropolitan cities – a huge networking ground of Europe! The city is known for its vibrant energy which could prove to be a tad overwhelming, sucking you into a roller coaster adventure full of Spanish culture – and hopefully, Spanish language learning.

Here at UniSpain, we would love that you take full advantage of your opportunity to live and study in Barcelona, so we have compiled a list of fun Language exchange activities that will help you meet locals, and other international students like you, in a dynamic open atmosphere that will enable you to have a great time while you keep on improving your Spanish skills!

This would be a great way to get you immersed, making friends and on your way to creating many vivid and positive memories during your Spanish language learning experience in Spain! And what better way would there be to get you started? !

Here are some of the top language exchange hangout spots in Barcelona:

1ZeppelDinners  – Intercambio idiomas Barcelonadinnerinenglish

A great group that is dedicated to Language Exchange primarily between English speakers and Spanish speakers. The concept of language exchange is built around an affordable group dinner in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere i.e. “Dinners in English!” “Dinner in Spanish!” “Dinner with Friends!”

What’s more – after dinner, those who would like are welcome to go out together for a night on the town! The ambiance is extremely welcoming, fun and warm. As they themselves say, it would be a great way to make friends or who knows, perhaps maybe more!

For a more down to earth look at the group’s personality, you can also visit their blog.

2. Barcelona Languages & Friends (BCN L&F)bcnlanguage

A dynamic group that mixed language exchange with language quizzes in pubs over drinks amongst friends and frequent meet & greet’s to welcome newcomers in town. A wonderful way to get to know others almost instantly on arriving in Barcelona – even with prior knowledge of Spanish.
According to the organisers of the group, Language Exchange with them and their group members would be a great way to improve your Spanish because:

  • It’s fun and you can make new friends from different cultures.
  • You learn slang and colloquial expressions you don’t usually learn in a language class.
  • There is no homework or boring grammar books to study.
  • You practice both listening and speaking at the same time.
  • If you also want to practice writing and reading, you can do so by taking notes, write or leave comments on their Facebook group page, exchange emails with your new language exchange partners, etc. You decide!
  • It’s a very fast and effective language learning method if you really go for it!

Why not check them out and see if they live up to their talk…it may seem almost 2000 group members would think so!

3Barcelona English/Spanish/Any LanguageLanguage Exchange Groupbcnlanguage1

The concept of this group is similar to those above. It seeks to bring bilingual and multilingual people together to enjoy each other’s company in a social and recreational setting. The languages spoken would depend on the people who participate – no pressure, loads of flexibility.

And perhaps even more interesting, the group is open to any and all languages – not solely English and Spanish speakers, and all language levels are welcome; from complete beginners to advanced speakers.

Aside from regularly organised gatherings that are strictly for purposeful fun, the organiser sometimes puts together group lessons (with a minimal fee) that are specifically catered to those who would like a little more structured interactive study.

4. CS Language ExchangeBarcelona bcnlanguage3

A highly active group organized by a language school in Barcelona to bring weekly language exchange activities to its students and all others who are interested in practising their English, Spanish and/or Catalan in a laid-back atmosphere.
Go alone or with friends knowing that you will most likely make new ones while improving your language skills.

The group finds its home within the Couch Surfing community, a website which serves as a an excellent way to meet locals and internationals alike who all have the common goal of sharing, learning and having a great time in non expensive ways.

So there you have it! Check them out and have a blast while you improve your Spanish language skills and experience the beautiful lifestyle that Barcelona is known for!


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