Let´s go to discover Barcelona

Modern, historical, abstract, Romanesque, contemporary, diverse, Gothic, scientific, popular…

Lets do to discover Barcelona-Imagen vía lidiaherbada.comBarcelona is a city for anyone and everyone, as Spain’s second largest city Barcelona boasts famous works of art and architecture, along with the sea for beach-lovers, delicious cuisine and the mountains for any type of adventure or leisure activity.

The city is layered thick with a fascinating history and just as brilliant present.  Art and cultural spectacles can be seen throughout the multitude of museums and monuments in Barcelona.  It is also possible to see these marvels among Barcelona’s fascinating streets and parks.  The city is bustling with people with creative minds and is a haven for anyone wanting to divulge their talents.

What to visit in Barcelona?

An area of Barcelona, called Las Ramblas, has often been referred to as the marrow of the city is a perfect example of how art is brought to life in and and every form.  From the buildings and their astounding architecture to the masses of people you can find gathered anytime of day or night, Las Ramblas is like a living exhibition.
In this boulevard which stretches between Plaza de Catalunya and the harbor you can find a Gothic-Baroque styled church, iglesia de Betlem, Monument de Colon (a 60 meter high tower in memorial to Christopher Columbus), street painters and performers, colorful façades, and the famous Teatro Liceu.

From Las Ramblas you are not far from the Mercado de la Boquería, filled with colors, flavors and scents, this market is the most popular in the whole city.  Also nearby is the Casa Bruno Cuadros (a house with the exterior looking like a dragon), Palacio de la Virreina and Plaça Reial.  These feature some of the most impressive expositions and displays of art in the city.

Study Spanish in Barcelona

It’s true that Barcelona not only houses some of the world’s most interesting and inspiring works of art in any and all forms, but it is also interesting because there are two co-official languages which flourish throughout the bustling city.  Castellano, Spain’s official language, and Catalan are both spoken throughout Barcelona.

If you are truly interested in seeing the amazing sites that the city of Barcelona has to offer, though each diverse art form, then being able understand more about the people, the culture and it’s history can give you an even more exciting adventure.
Studying Spanish in Spain will not only allow you to get a deeper, more meaningful grasp on the art and architecture throughout cites like Barcelona.  It will also allow you to understand more of where these ideas and creative thoughts stem from.  Through Barcelona-University.es you can sign up for Spanish courses at The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

This public university offers Spanish language courses for all levels and can offer you accommodation, free-time activities, plus the knowledge to really understand all the beauty within the city.

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