5 Reasons to Learn Spanish

spanish1In a world that is becoming more and more globalised, knowing more than one language could prove could be an asset. If you are considering the option of learning a new language – good for you! The addition of any language to your linguistic repertoire could only ever be a plus.
But here, we will highlight five reasons why opting to learn the Spanish language, in particular, could be an excellent choice for your language learning endeavour.

1. Demographic

A command of the Spanish language grants access to a significant part of the world as Spanish is the primary language of 20 countries worldwide. The estimated total number of Spanish native speakers in the world is between between 470 and 500 million which consequently makes Spanish the second most spoken language in the world. Furthermore, Spanish is the third widely spoken language in the world as far as non native speakers after Mandarin and English.

2. Gateway Language


Spanish  is one of the Western Romance languages which shares its roots in Latin. Learning Spanish would make it a whole lot easier (and quicker) to learn most other romance languages such as Italian, Portuguese, French and Romanian.

There are many shared sentence structures, similarities in grammar conjugation and a healthy number of overlapping vocabulary words between Spanish and the other romance languages which would make your Spanish knowledge put you at an advantageous starting point if you chose to learn a third or fourth language.

3. Career Boost
And speaking about learning second, third and fourth languages….we see ourselves in a world that is much more globalised with all sorts of countries, businesses and people being linked and touched by common global occurrences. Knowing another language is becoming more and more a necessity and less of a whim.

The Spanish language would be a great asset to have if you are looking to pursue a career in the European Union (where Spanish is one of the official languages), in Latin-America (where Spanish is also other official languages in majority of the countries), and the United States where the Hispanic population is steadily growing with a 2006 census data showing 44.3 million people of the population were Hispanic or Latin American by origin and 37 million people older than five years of age spoke Spanish at home. Needless to say, your Spanish speaking skills would indisputably be in high demand worldwide.
4. Hispanic Culture
One’s world become bigger and richer with the more languages she/he speaks. With Spanish under your belt, a whole sea of diverse Hispanic cultures will be full opened to you. From Colombian coffee to Argentinian milk jam and spicy Mexican cuisine. An array of tele novelas, an impressive variety of musical styles and amazing sites to see in all the twenty diverse countries!
The Hispanic world would be yours to discover, and discover you will be able to do – with your Spanish language skills!

5. ¡¡ Spain !!
Spain….the birthplace of Spanish i.e. Castellano. Wouldn’t it be so nice to sample the richness of Spanish language in it’s birth country full of rich culture, reputable cuisine and the perfect vacation getaways. They say that one learns to fully understand a language through immersing one’s in the culture, and vice versa.
What better way would there be to embark upon your Spanish language goal other than going to Spain to learn, explore and discover where it all began for yourself?…

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Go ahead, and dare to change your life. Your Spanish language goal is only a click away…

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