A Look at UniSpain’s Pricing Model

unispain Comparing Spanish course prices in Spain
When you Google for information like “cheap language courses in Spain” or “best Spanish language schools in Barcelona” you are bound to find a multitude of language school websites, study abroad packages and agencies. One of the pages that you’ll come across will belong to UniSpain.

Who is UniSpain?
UniSpain is an online agency offering Spanish language courses in 43 reputable language schools in Spain. We work with 43 language schools on the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Isles and the Balearics, including both private schools and public universities. All of the schools we work with are authorised by the Spanish government, well respected in the language tuition sector, and carefully vetted by us. UniSpain specialises in Spanish courses in Spain. So you will not find language courses in other Hispanic countries on our website, nor any additional languages. Just Spanish, in Spain.


Why book a Spanish course through UniSpain?
The first reason is our guaranteed low price. Secondly, we only work with courses and schools with good industry standards and solid reputations. Thirdly, we are an agency – this means that we do not have a vested interest in any one school and you’ll only find objective information on our website.


What is the UniSpain price?
At UniSpain, we offer you language courses that are 5-10% cheaper than when booking directly with a language school.


How is this possible?pricing2
Many students query UniSpain’s pricing model. They think it sounds strange that we can offer courses cheaper than the actual language schools.

We achieve this by sharing our booking commission with you.

In other words, when you register onto a Spanish course with a particular language school on our website, that language school pays UniSpain a booking commission. We only keep some of that commission, and give the other part to you. This way, everybody wins: you get a quality course much cheaper than you would normally, and both the language school and UniSpain get your business.


Why do we work this way?
One of UniSpain’s main business goals is to work with complete transparency. Therefore, on our website, we choose to tell you the names of the language schools we work with, plus the pros and cons of each one.

Some agencies prefer not to reveal the names of the language schools they work with. This is to prevent the students from going directly to the school and booking the course cheaper.

Because UniSpain works slightly differently by giving you the school names and details, many students will go directly to the language schools’ websites to check them out. To get you to book with us, we need to incentivise you with extra benefits. We believe that a 5-10% discount off your total Spanish course price is the best way to achieve this.


Price Guarantee
We really pride ourselves on our low prices, plus the quality of the schools we work with, and the high standard of customer service we offer. That is why we are happy to guarantee a discount on any of the courses we offer on our website.

If you find another school or agency that offers the same courses as UniSpain’s website does, but at a lower price, we will happily offer you that same price, plus a further 5% discount.


Free online course
UniSpain also offers its students a free one-month online Spanish course. This online course is worth $79.


Booking fees
Some agencies have a booking fee that is charged on top of the course price.

UniSpain does not charge an additional fee to process your booking, except for ComplutenseUniversity and GranadaUniversity. These two schools do not pay commissions to agencies, and therefore UniSpain needs to cover their administrative costs when a student reserves a course.


Registration fees
Note that some of UniSpain’s language schools do charge a school registration fee on top of the course price. UniSpain does not make any commission or profit on a school registration fee, and this fee is in no way used by UniSpain to cover our costs for the booking. The money goes straight to the school. If a school charges a registration fee, this is stated separately in the price information for that school, on UniSpain’s website.


Compare and Researchpricing3
To become familiar with UniSpain’s services, we invite you to visit our website and have a good look around. You’ll find a number of useful tools there.

Firstly, you have the Course Finder, which you can use to search and view our 43 language schools and get exact details on prices – as well as locations, courses, school pros and cons, accommodation and so on. You can also select schools and compare them side by side, using the School Comparison Tool, then use the Pocket Money Calculator to work out how much money you’ll need in Spain. Or download a free Beginner’s Guide to Spanish, assess your Spanish level, and work out how long it will take you to become fluent, with our Free Learning Resources.


Registration and Contact
We always encourage students to do their research carefully and only book your course when you are absolutely certain of all the details. If you have any questions for us, get in touch. UniSpain is more than happy to assist you with any queries.

And don’t forget to check out our blog for more articles on how UniSpain works.


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