Advantages and disadvantages of au pairing in Spain with UniSpain’s new Au Pair Service

Au Pair Service-Picture by cib.esWe at UniSpain have recently collaborated with an established Spanish au pair agency to launch a new au pair service. This exciting new project offers you the ideal way to combine a Spanish language course with the chance to work as an au pair in Spain.
Au pairs go abroad to live with a host family and care for their children. Accommodation and meals are provided by the family, as well as a weekly allowance. Our au pair service matches you to a compatible host family, as well as enrolls you in a top-quality Spanish course.

AdvantagesAdventages au pairs

Best of both worlds
The au pair service truly is the perfect combination of au pairing and studying. We can guarantee that you will have 4 hours of Spanish classes each day- usually au pairs that sign up for a Spanish course find that it clashes with their au pair schedule or that they simply do not have time to fit in more than a few hours per week.


Au pairs receive free accommodation and full board, as this is provided by the host family. In addition, they receive a small weekly allowance (this varies according to family but is never less than €75). Although we charge €200 for finding you a well-suited family, this fee is waived if you sign up to a minimum of 8 weeks of Spanish lessons.

Better language skills

You may wonder why to bother taking a Spanish course if you are au pairing in Spain. After all, you will learn it from interacting with the family. While this is true, au pairs do come away speaking the often grammatically incorrect language that children use. By take Spanish classes, you can ensure that you thoroughly learn and understand the grammar and learn proper Spanish. You can then put this into practice when at home with the family.


If it your first time living abroad, the idea of having a home and host family ready to support and guide you may calm your nerves. They will be able to answer your queries and help you to negotiate aspects of Spanish life than you may find challenging.


House rules

As you will be living with a host family, you must respect their house rules. This varies according to your host family, but you may have a curfew, or not be able to invite friends over. If you value your independence and don’t cope well with certain restrictions, then our au pair service would not be suited to you.

Restricted locations

Currently, our au pair service is only available in three cities: Madrid, Granada and Pamplona. Whilst these are all incredible Spanish cities, full of history and culture, if you have your heart set on living in another Spanish city then unfortunately we cannot offer you the opportunity.


The au pair service is only for those wanting to live in Spain as a long-term option. The minimum is 3 months, however, 6 months up to a full year is preferable.

Native English

The au pair service is only available to native English speakers. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities for native speakers of other languages to participate.

If you have been thinking about au pairing, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our new au pair service- it really is an experience like no other!

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