Need an excuse to skip off to Spain to learn Spanish? Here are seven good ones… 1. Spanish is not really a foreign language anymore English may still be the world’s most spoken language, but Spanish is quickly taking over other non-English languages. Why? Because so many people in emerging economies and major business sectors (like finance, import-export, travel and leisure, entertainment, recruitment, medicine and journalism) speak Spanish. There’s a big market out there if you want to create business or get a really good job. The British Council recently …CONTINUE READING

Spanish as a Foreign Language university diplomas in Spain: We assess the real value of Spanish Ministry of Education approved language certificates for you Getting your Spanish language education in Spain Spiralling economic depression and government cut backs. Spain might not be as badly off as Greece, but recent international news reports about the country have been far from positive. You’ll be glad to hear then, that the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has reinforced its commitment, both educationally and financially, to offer the highest quality of tuition …CONTINUE READING

Break out of your comfort zone!  Anything that makes you feel a little nervous, anxious, self-conscious or uncomfortable is a sure sign you have left the comfort zone. Maybe it’s venturing out on your own, ordering food in Spanish, riding the bus alone, asking for directions, or talking to the locals. Your comfort zone is a behavioural space where your activities (and even your thoughts!) fit into a routine pattern. The comfort zone serves to reduce stress, provide mental security, and lower anxiety. However, to maximize your language learning you …CONTINUE READING

A handsome dark stranger smiles at you from across the dance floor and before you know it, he walks up to you. Your heart beats faster as his gorgeous brown eyes lock into yours… and then he says something really fast, in Spanish. You blink. “Er… perdón?” He repeats himself, but you’re none the wiser. After a few attempts, disappointed, you watch as he shrugs his shoulders… and asks the girl next to you to dance! Socialising in Spain Not understanding what native Spanish speakers say to you is the …CONTINUE READING

Spanish language schools may offer several different types of courses and diplomas.   Some may give their students attendance certificates, requiring students to be present at a minimum number of classes. Certain school diplomas may require students to sit a final exam. While these qualifications can give you great personal satisfaction and prove that you have taken practical steps to learn a language well, there are certain qualifications, which are officially recognised worldwide. Because of this, they will look great on your CV, and give you access to further education …CONTINUE READING

Contrary to common belief, mature students can learn a language at the same speed as younger learners. As long as your motivation is high, you can use these following tricks to really give your Spanish a boost… 1. Don’t get stressed if you cannot speak Spanish straight away – it’s normal Many mature students believe that they cannot speak Spanish quickly, simply because of their age. The myth remains that children learn foreign languages much faster. Professor Stephen Krashen, from the University of Southern California, who conducted extensive studies into …CONTINUE READING

A great way to support your studies during your Spanish language course in Spain would be to immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking lifestyle; to build upon what you learn during your lessons in the classroom. A tried and true method to improve your Spanish language skills  is to make the learning process a fun one! One of the many benefits of learning Spanish is being able to tap into the wealth of Hispanic culture all over the world in the form of food, film, literature, and of course, music! I would be …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain, we love to provide you with great tips on your Spanish language learning journey. Take a read at the advice from today’s guest blogger Andrew, who spent the last several years teaching himself Spanish from home with free online resources and media such as TV shows, movies, music, books, etc. This a great and fun way to complement a Spanish language course in Spain. Here is Andrew: Why it needs to be FUN and how we’re going to do it I can’t possibly overemphasize how important this is, even though …CONTINUE READING

Have you ever wondered which Spanish language learning method is best suited to your age? Which techniques give the most success to kids, teens, Spanish students in their twenties, thirties or forties, or middle aged or a mature learners? This blog post looks at the different influences on your ability to learn a language. Surprisingly, according to experts, language learning at different ages is not really that dependent on your physical or cognitive abilities, your brain’s learning capacity, or your ability to process information… How quickly do people learn a …CONTINUE READING

Being able to study Spanish in Spain should be a wonderful opportunity and an enriching experience. Sure, it should be. But depending on your general comportment, your time in Spain could prove to be less rewarding than it ordinarily should be. It would be a right shame to leave at the end of your stay feeling like you could have done more to benefit from the Spanish setting. Prefer to avoid an inner disappointment riddled with shoulda, woulda, coulda’s..? Then here is a short list of five things that it …CONTINUE READING