Yikes! Reading the small print can be hard work. To make things easier for you, we have created an easy-to-read summary of UniSpain’s Terms & Conditions document below. Since this guide is meant to be a simplified version, we figured it might be a bit silly to repeat entire paragraphs from the Terms & Conditions document here. So we are only giving you the most essential facts. If you are worried about a particular aspect of the UniSpain contract, we would encourage you to read just the relevant paragraph in …CONTINUE READING

Once you’ve made the decision to come study in Spain, a whole new set of questions arise. Should I choose a university or a private language school? How much money will I need while I’m there? How long of a course should I take? One of the first and possibly the hardest decisions to make is to choose a city to study in. Some people already know from the outset where they want to go: they might have spent some time in a particular city and want to go back, …CONTINUE READING