Comparing Malaca Instituto and Proyecto Español Alicante

In this article, we will compare Malaca Instituto and  Proyecto Español Alicante; two Spanish Language Schools located in the beautiful country of Spain. The comparison is interesting as each school represents a different niche as far as Spanish language schools go. One, Malaca Instituto, is on the pricier side on the spectrum and attempts to create a top class experience that justifier the price, while the other, Proyecto Español Alicante, gives a great deal on course programs and attempts to provide quality content for a minimal price.

Malaca Instituto
This school has over 40 years of experience in the Spanish language teaching sector and is recognized as one of the most prestigious schools in Spain. It is a private school in Malaga that prides itself on having a diverse student body whom they treat to a total immersion experience complete with quality courses and an array of extra curricular cultural activities. The school has its own textbook that follows its own interactive system of teaching; a combination of interactive communication and grammar, and it offers a diverse spectrum of specialized courses which attracts students of all age groups and professional backgrounds. One of the main highlights of the school is its luxury campus site that is not only within proximity to the beach but is extremely well equipped with a multimedia learning centre, language laboratory, small cinema, restaurant and bar, 3 large terraces and even a swimming pool!

Proyecto Español Alicante
This school belongs to the Proyecto Español brand which is a family of schools in Spain that seeks to provide high quality Spanish language courses for prices that do not break the bank. Its branch in Alicante sees a modern establishment with up to date facilities that include social areas, computers and a mini library. What’s more, the school can also boast being the first language school in Alicante to have received Instituto Cervantes accreditation (2003).


           MALACA INSTITUTO        vs       PROYECTO ESPAÑOL Alicante


Enrolment Statistics

Students per class: Max. 10                    Students per class: Max. 10
Average Students Summer: 300                    Average Students Summer: 175
Average Students All Year: 180                     Average Students All Year: 100



 Lesson Duration: 50 minutes           Lesson Duration: 50 minutes
  Course Duration: 2 – 52 weeks           Course Duration:  2 – 52 weeks
 Spanish Levels: 6           Spanish Levels: 6
Schedule: 3 hours  8:30 – 11:20       Schedule:  4 hours per day
         4 hours btw 8:30-12:30            classes between 9:00 – 14:00 
        4 hours btw 16:00-20:00            classes between 15:00 – 20:00
 >4 hours from 8:30-14:30                                                                   



High Price Range        Low Price Range
Books/Study Materials Included in Tuition fee: Yes          Books/Study Materials Included in Tuition fee: Yes
Price Calculator        Price Calculator



         Airport: Malaga Aiport          Airport: Alicante Airport
Classrooms: 25          Classrooms: 9
   Free Wifi Available: Yes          Free Wifi available: Yes
           CafetariaStudent Room          Cafeteria, Computer Room
Terrace, Garden, Pool          Terrace, Library                         



 Minimum Age: 16     Minimum Age: 17
< 22 yrs  – 34%     < 22 yrs – 53%
[22 – 28 yrs] – 23%      [22 – 28 yrs] – 27%
[29 – 35 yrs] – 10%      [29 – 35 yrs] – 7%
> 35 yrs – 33%    >35 yrs – 12%

% = of total students


Top Nationalities

 Germany – 20%      Germany – 26%
Netherlands – 11%   Russia – 10%
Swaziland – 10%     Italy – 8%
 China – 9%       Poland – 6%
Sweden – 8%      Sweden – 5%

% = of total students at Malaca Instituto, and  all schools of Proyecto Español, respectively.




Language Exchange Offered: No        Language Exchange Offered: Yes
Extra-curricular Activities Offered: Yes         Extra-curricular Activities Offered: Yes
Museum /Monument Visits        Museum /Monument Visits
   Excursions & Weekend Trips        Excursions & Weekend Trips
  Food Nights & Eating Out        Food Nights & Eating Out
 Cultural Activities        
Cultural Activities
  Sports Activities         Sports Activities 
        Film Nights         
Welcome Party 

Language Exchange(?) is arranged by the school with local Spanish students.
Extra-curricular activities could require an additional fee per activity depending.


A 2 week course (20 lessons per week) at Malaca Instituto in July could cost you 429 Euros without accommodation and 923 euros with accommodation (single room in a student residence) – no meals.

A 2 week course (15 lessons per week) at Proyecto Español in July could cost you 241 Euros without accommodation and 401 euros with accommodation (single room in a shared flat) – no meals.

(*Prices indicated do not include the UniSpain discount).


Student Review
At UniSpain, we often gather feedback from our student clients  so that we can continue to assure the quality of the schools we make available to them. Here is a review of both schools based on our student clients’ experiences:

Malaca Institutomalacainstituto

Positive – The teachers were generally very warm, encouraging and the school itself was always extremely well organised; the students always knew what to expect and scheduling would always be on time. The Spanish courses were dynamic and varied which kept them fresh and interesting and made for easier learning.

Negative – The  students, so far, have had nothing negative to say about the school.

Proyecto Español Alicante


Positive – The teachers were generally of a very positive disposition and helpful to students who needed more time to understand certain concepts. In general, students felt that they learned a lot during their time at the school. There were books in the Student common room available for student use that proved useful in complementing knowledge acquired in the classrooms.

Negative – Some students felt that the computers available in the Computer Room for the students were really old and not in good shape which made using them frustrating and inefficient. Some were of the opinion that the content of the courses could have been more diverse with a more versatile approach adopted into the teaching method and at a more dynamic pace that would inspire quicker learning. Although the price is on the lower scale relative to many other Spanish language schools, some students felt that they would have appreciated that the learning material be of better quality and provided for free.

Here at UniSpain, we give Malaca Instituto the badge of Top Quality because although the prices are relatively high in comparison to other schools, we feel that you will be getting even more than what you bargained for as it is truly a luxury Spanish learning experience that is not easily found at other schools. Proyecto Español Alicante gets a badge of Great Prices because the prices are on the lower scale and extremely great in terms of the actual programs available at the school.

A determining factor would be whether or not you would be willing to pay more for what you perceive as an A+ environment for learning, of if your pockets are a little less extravagant and you would want to save while still getting a good experience.

If you like what you see here, go ahead and book your Spanish language course with  Malaca Instituto or Proyecto Español Alicante and qualify for great deals and discounts.

Or if you would like a complete look with photos, videos and student reviews then use the UniSpain Compare Calculator for an even more detailed analysis.

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