Planning a Group Student Trip to Spain – Tailoring a Travel Checklist to your Specific Needs

How to find the best Spanish School in Spain - Image by business2community.comWhen going on a trip, do you have a checklist of ‘to do/to remember’ points because, if you do, you’ll know that the contents of that list will vary, depending on where you are heading. That’s because, if you are in your own country, certain situations like getting directions, finding the nearest doctors’ surgery, asking which is the cheapest bar for an evening meal, and other needs like these, can be handled in a trice. However, when you’re organising a trip to another country, your checklist needs a little more thought than when you’re staying within your own language and culture.

If you’re travelling to Spain for a holiday, maybe a package tour is the simplest way of enjoying your ten days in the resort of your choice, as the holiday rep will be there to help you with your needs.  But what if your trip to Spain is about coming back a richer person, not by winning the lottery but by having soaked up some of the culture and, of course, the language?

Your list might include:-

*   The best part of Spain to visit.  We’re talking weather conditions, closeness of accommodation to the airport and the type-cum-clarity of Spanish spoken there.

*   The best course to enrol on i.e. it matches your abilities and needs, and those of other people travelling with you, guaranteeing a satisfying end result.

*    What is the cost of accommodation and is eating out a cheap or an expensive experience in that area?

*    Is there suitable entertainment for everyone in the group and how easy is it to use public transport?

*    What historical places and ‘not to be missed’ cultural experiences are there to be enjoyed?

*    Are there any ‘do’s and ‘don’t do’s that need to be brought to your attention?

In an emergency, what are the emergency phone numbers, where is the hospital and the police station and, as a result, what stock phrases do you need in case of emergency?

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Setting off to your chosen destination with these few points at your side will give you the comfort of knowing that you are less likely to panic in a difficult situation.

Of course, a better method may be to ask a company like UniSpain who, while organising a Spanish language package which will be tailored to your specific group, will supply you with answers to your burning questions.  The security such knowledge and experience offers is priceless, as you will make savings on their providing you with better choices than your own research provided you with and you will have the comfort of knowing that staff at UniSpain have more at their command than emergency stock phrases.

Travelling into ‘non-package tour’ Spain has so much to offer the eager student and inquisitive tourist.  You get an opportunity to practise your pocketful of run-of-the-mill phrases and get both the delight and the pleasant shock of being challenged into understanding the reply.  You get a chance to look into the nooks and crannies of the Plaza Mayor and can pride yourself on finding what no-one else might have noticed.

Now you’re guaranteed to come back richer, not only on the money and the stress you will have saved yourself but also from the tailored package which catered for all of your needs.



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