Knowing how to Find the Best Group Spanish Course in Spain

Camino BarcelonaWe all like to find the best price for whatever we want to purchase, so the same goes for the price to be paid for a group Spanish course in Spain. How do you know if you’ve got the best price and, indeed, what does ‘best price’ mean to you?

As we say, you’ve only been overcharged if that’s how you really feel about the price you paid so, in the case of a group Spanish course, what would you be looking for? Some of the points could be:-


Spain is a big country and this means there are noticeable temperature differences between the north and south extremes, different styles of entertainment available, as well as noticeable differences between dialects, to name but a few of the distinct differences for selection by the eager student.


While a sizeable group of students will want to be near each other, they will still want that comfortable feeling, as opposed to a hotel environment. Finding several homely residences in close proximity will be part of the perfect deal.


The course venue should be easy to reach and not mean having to fight through the throngs of locals and tourists to reach the destination. The best deal would be that the college will be within walking distance of the accommodation, making it both cheap and easy to get to and leaving the student stress free upon arrival.

The Content

The course content should be appealing and should meet the group’s needs. Do the members of the group want basic language skills, do they want to top up their already ‘across the board’ skills, do they have specific job-related development needs (a specific vocabulary), or some other particular objective to meet?

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– Do the group members need a certificated course?
– Is free time entertainment within walking distance? With this requirement, individual group members may have different interests, so catering for all will be part of a perfect deal.
Cultural events and educational trips may not be easy to track down but involvement in Spanish life and ways will greatly enhance the overall psychological result of the language course.
Socialising with natives in relaxed settings will greatly enhance one’s confidence. Finding the right places to go is something that doesn’t happen in the first days of staying in a new environment, so recommendations should be sought.

It’s much easier to please yourself than it is to please a group, so a lot of thought needs to be put into organising an event for a group, so this is a perfect time to go to the professionals, who have already been there, done it and worn the tee-shirt. Of course, you’ll be paying the professionals to tailor your course for everyone in the group and, if they get it right, then the price must be right, don’t you think? Not only will that price cover the work the organisation has done for you but I believe it also covers the price you might have paid for the stress caused by trying to organise that course yourself.

It’s simply a case of knowing when delegation gets the best results.

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