Study Spanish in Ibiza this Summer!

ibizabeachIbiza!!!! Need I say more? No….but, I need to write an article. Summer is here! If you are thinking of killing two birds with one stone; that is to say, thinking of taking a great vacation in Spain and throwing in a quality Spanish language course or two – look no further! You could strike an ideal balance at Ibiza! The island of parties, Spanish culture and an all around great time which is also home to an awesome Spanish language school – a complete package!

First, let’s take a look at the magical island and a few of the treasures that it has to offer.

The Island
Located off the coast of Valencia in the Eastern part of Spain, it is an autonomous community of Spain that has made a name for itself, worldwide, in its own right. Ibiza Town is one of the island’s largest cities and home to a legendary port that is popular amongst tourists and deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The island is known for its out of this world night-life with an array of popping (at least 40 in number!) nightclubs, music that is on fire and an international social scene comprised of tourists and students that come from all over the world all looking to have a great time and bathe in a huge culture-infused party.

But interestingly enough, this island offers so much more than than just its renowned night-life. The island is also rich in history, magnificent architecture, multicultural heritage and culture, leaving much to be seen and experienced.

Acueducto romano de S’Argamassa
Asentamiento Fenicio de Sa Caleta
Baluarte de Sant Jaume
Baluarte de Sant Pere
Capilla de Santa Agnès
Catedral de Ibiza
Monasterio de Sant Cristòfol
Necrópolis Puig des Molins
Pinturas Rupestres de Ses Fontanelles
Sa Capelleta
Santuario Púnico de Es Culleram
Ses Paisses de Cala d’Hort

Centre d’interpretació des Amunts
Centro de Interpretación del río de Santa Eulalia Can Planetes
Centro de Interpretación Madina Yabisa
Museo Arqueológico de Ibiza y Formentera-Sede Dalt Vila
Museo Arqueológico de Ibiza y Formentera-Sede Puig des Molins
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – MACE
Museo Diocesano
Museo Etnográfico de Ibiza
Museo Etnográfico Ses Païsses De Cala D’Hort
Museo Puget

Lists courtesy of Official Ibiza Tourist Information Website 

The School – Instituto de Idiomas Ibizaibizaschool
Perfectly located in the heart of Ibiza town, the school is walking distance to the city´s historic district, Dalt Vila, with the aforementioned legendary port nearby. What is more, the area is well served by public transportation within proximity to beaches.

The school site is modern with quality facilities which the students have access to throughout the day regardless of class schedule; free WiFi, a computer room, a library stocked with textbooks, novels, dictionaries, magazines, daily newspapers, audio CD’s and 26 classrooms (with air conditioning and audio visual equipment). All this is topped with a friendly ambiance set by the staff and teachers to welcome and help the students, not only learn, but settle into their environment.

The class sizes are small (at most 8 students per class) which promotes a personal touch and individualized attention for a more conducive learning environment. Programs entail 6 different levels of Spanish are rather flexible with afternoon classes being available (better suited to long nights out partying!), the minimum age requirement for enrolment being 16 years old, and the shortest course duration being 2 weeks.

Furthermore, not only does the school organize an array of extracurricular activities so that the students always have something fun to do, but it also provides courses in other languages other than Spanish. Hence Spanish students are housed under the same roof which would make it easier to mingle, make friends with locals and get in some unofficial language exchange practice in a relaxed setting.

FYI: A 2 week course (20 lessons per week) at Malaca Instituto in July could cost you 412 Euros without accommodation and 852 euros with accommodation (single room in a student residence) – no meals.

This may not be for you if you are searching something more serious and academically intense with a large repertoire of Spanish courses. If you want a 100% total Spanish immersion, it may be better to go elsewhere as Ibiza is a multi-cultural island (with both Catalan and Spanish being official languages) at heart with a tourist centred attitude that caters to the diverse nationalities (and thus, languages spoken) of its potential clients.

However, If you are looking for a FUN filled summer in Spain, but with a purpose – Ibiza and the Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza could be the ideal choice for you. The island with its monuments, heritage and culture will be jam packed with people of all ages from all over the world all there with a similar purpose and every second of every day will be buzzing with activity. The school will serve as grounding element and lends its positive ambiance and quality courses to guide you in the right direction so that you can fully capitalize on the island’s hot spots and attractions and leave at the end of your vacation feeling like you truly achieved something while you had a good time. Despite you having one of the best summers and time of your life, if you remain focused and keep Spanish in mind, you could easily make the most out of your time in Ibiza and have a well-rounded hearty experience!

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