Why Study Spanish in Salamanca

Why study spanish in Salamanca - Image by elrincondepep29.blogspotSalamanca is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. A UNESCO World Heritage Center, it stands as one of Europe’s best-preserved Renaissance towns. Its size is perfect; neither too large nor too small, it plays the role of a fresh and vibrant student town perfectly.

 The University of Salamanca, the second-oldest university in Europe, is a prestigious institution that for centuries has played a significant role in the Western world. Historical figures such as Hernán Cortés, St. Ignatius of Loyola and Miguel de Cervantes formed their minds within its ancient campus walls.

 The Spanish studies for foreigners department (escuela de extrangeros) at the University is known for its quality. Good installations, excellent teachers and effective methods – which are not always the norm in the escuela de extrangeros of many Spanish universities – make the University’s Spanish program one of the most sought-after in the country.

 Life in Salamanca is ideal as a student. The large student population gives the city a fun and spontaneous feel that expresses itself in the liveliness of its streets and plazas. Before, after and in between classes, students gather in the Plaza Mayor (main square), Salamanca’s bustling main square impressive in its size and rich Gothic style.

 By night, Salamanca becomes one of Spain’s best nightlife scenes, with music, dance, laughter and adventure lighting up the meandering streets of its historic center.

 A charming city with a prestigious university, Salamanca is one of the best places in Spain for Spanish students. Its attractiveness is only enhanced by the fact that salmantinos (as inhabitants of the city are called) are known to speak one of the purest forms of Spanish available in the world today.

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