Top 5 Cheapest and Fun Spanish Summer Courses in Spain

Can you feel it? Softly swaying palm trees, warm sun on your skin, the sound of the ocean, clinking ice cubes in a glass… You’ve just made it to the beach and ordered a cool drink in fluent Spanish!

Wow. Every Spanish student dreams of the day when they can speak the language perfectly. A summertime trip to Spain can be a great milestone along the road to fluency – never mind all the fun that can be had!


Not a dream

If you want to combine the summer sun and exotic surroundings with learning Spanish in Spain this summer, it does not have to cost a ton of money. We’ve put together a list of the five cheapest Spanish schools that offer fantastic prices on summer courses. Why not combine a holiday in the sun with topping up your language skills?


Something for everyone

There are lessons available for every level, from beginners to advanced, and on most of the courses you can also choose additional culture lessons and fun activities. Courses run from two weeks right up to four months, covering the whole of the summer from June to September.

So, let’s get on with our list…


#5 – Proyecto Alicante

The goal of the Proyecto chain of Spanish language schools, is to offer affordable courses for foreign students wanting to learn Spanish in Spain. Proyecto Alicante is the perfect solution for students wanting to book a cheap course in Spain, yet enjoy quality classes with qualified teachers and lots of fun summertime activities. The school’s location combines a happening city centre with a summer resort area.

As proof of the school’s quality, Proyecto Alicante has been accredited by the Instituto Cervantes since 2003. Proyecto Alicante only accepts up to 10 students per class, so the tuition is always very personalised. The school is air-conditioned and has WiFi, library and common areas.

To give you an idea of the prices, you can get a two-week course containing 15 Spanish lessons every week at any level for only 181€ (£153 or $ 237)! And even at the top end of the course length, Proyecto Alicante’s prices are excellent: 25 Spanish lessons, plus 5 one-on-one classes per week, during 6 weeks costs you only 1226€ (£1038 or $1610). As a bonus, books are also included on the courses.

For the full range of options for course lengths, prices and levels, check out Proyecto Español Alicante’s list of summer courses and price details here.


#4 – Instituto de Idiomas Ibizaibizaschool

Many would deem Ibiza to be extremely expensive since it is a globally popular summer tourist destination. However, it just happens to be home to an affordable language school that is conveniently situated at the heart of Ibiza town – Instituto de Idiomas de Ibiza.

The school is internationally recognised for its courses of excellent quality as well as its modern facilities.
The campus has free WiFi access, a computer room, a library stocked with textbooks, novels, dictionaries, magazines, daily newspapers, audio CD’s and 26 classrooms (with air conditioning and audio visual equipment).
There are 6 different class levels which comprise both flexible course durations (as short as two weeks) and afternoon class schedules that won’t put a damper on your summer Spanish adventure. With  a maximum of 8 students per class, the sizes are small Classes sizes are small with with a minimum age requirement being 16 years old and which consequently enables each student to get the most out of the lessons.

For 377 € (£324 or $ 494) you can get 4 hours of high quality language tuition every weekday, for the duration of a fortnight. Consider sharing a room with another student for 300€ (£258 or $394) for two weeks.

And what’s more, the area has a well structured public transportation system so you’ll be able to hop on over by bus for 1.50 € any time of day or night for a lay under the sun at some of the best beaches that the world had ever seen when you’re not in Spanish class!

For more information about the various Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza summer course dates, durations and prices, click here.


#3 – Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

This school is located in the charming beachside town of Nerja in the Malaga province. Ideal for summer students, Nerja provides everything you could ever wish from a typical Andalusia seaside destination: plenty of interesting sites, shops, restaurants, quaint streets and wonderful beaches, all in the city limits.

The teachers at the Escuela de Idiomas Nerja all hold a linguistics degree and are known for their energy and dedication. Apart from standard Spanish course, the school also offers various specialist subjects like business, tourism, culture and literature, to name a few. Only up to ten students are included in each class.

The school is set in a typical Andalusian villa with 12 classrooms – and many lessons are taught in the school’s own tropical garden. The school also has a bookstore and a cafeteria, plus within a few minutes walk, their own quality student residence with an internet café.

Prices at the Escuela could not be more reasonable for the quality of tuition and the surroundings. For a two-week course containing 20 Spanish lessons per week, the cost is 346€ (£293 or $454). If you want an intensive course containing 30 Spanish lessons per week, for a duration of 1 month, the cost is a remarkably low 1050€ (£889 or $1379).

There are plenty of other course lengths, lesson numbers and price options available, so see here for more information on summer courses at the Escuela de Idiomas de Nerja.


#2 – Gran Canaria School

This school is known for its fun-packed lessons and the accompanying social and cultural activities. Spanish students at the Gran Canaria School will get to sample culture, history, art, food and a great social life alongside classes. Gran Canaria in the summer is a great destination and the school’s highly qualified teachers and own in-house cook make sure that students do not miss out on any aspect of a true summertime Spanish experience.

The school has in fact been often lauded for its high quality of tuition and its cultural program, both internationally and by the Spanish government. It holds a CEELE certification since 2007, which is a quality recognition given by the University of Alcalá. This means that the school’s installations, teaching and course structure have been found to be of a particularly great standard.

For a course containing 20 Spanish lessons per week, during two weeks, the price is 279€ (£236 or $366). Fancy spending two months in the Canary Islands soaking up the sun and learning Spanish? With 20 lessons per week during eight weeks, your course will only cost 837€ (£709 or $1100).

The Gran Canaria School offers a whole host of other classes, course durations and prices. Check them all out here.


#1 – Canarias Cultural Tenerife

Canarias Cultural is our other summer favourite in the Canary Islands this year – but this time on the island of Tenerife! This school puts an emphasis on getting students speaking Spanish from the first moment, through small classes of up to 10 people, and a direct, student-focused approach. Each of the teachers here has a degree for teaching Spanish as a second language, and from day one, the classes are run and taught only in Spanish.

The school could not be better located for a summer course and for learning Spanish: it is in the center of Santa Cruz, where 99% percent of the residents are Spanish. Away from tourism, but getting to enjoy the vibrant summer life on this exotic Spanish island, you will be completely immersed in Spanish language, culture, food, history and people.

The school is well-equipped with a multimedia room complete with television, computers, free access to the internet, and only a few minutes walk from the city centre.

Including 20 Spanish lessons per week, for a course duration of two weeks, the school charges only 280€ (£237 or $368). But spending the entire summer in Tenerife is not out of reach because a full 12-week course including 20 lessons per week – that’s 240 lessons! – is an astonishingly reasonable 1380€ (£1169 or $1813).

For the full details of the many summer courses, weeks, start dates and prices this school offers, click here.


Spanish summer magic

We hope you enjoyed our cheapest Spanish summer courses Top 5 list!

Spain in the summer offers many delights, but students who choose a language learning trip here in the summer will also get the benefits of the vibrant local vida en la calle – outdoors summer life. Because when temperatures soar, the locals know just the trick: spend the hottest hours in the shade, then venture out for some late afternoon sunbathing and food on the beach, and spend long evenings outdoors dining, socializing and having fun! That’s what summertime in Spain is all about.

¡Disfruten del verano! And don’t forget to check out UniSpain’s summer course section, as well as the Course Finder for other courses available this summer and throughout the year.

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