Top 5 cheapest cities to study Spanish in Spain

Studying Spanish in Spain doesn’t have to be expensive. While big cities like Madrid and Barcelona require students to save a hefty sum to afford living, studying, and traveling, there are quite a few cities that offer an affordable and enjoyable lifestyle to short term or long term students.

Students that are interested in studying in Spain should consider more than just the cost of tuition when they look for the best city to study in. Some of the important costs to take into account are: accommodation, groceries, dining in restaurants, bars, and entertainment options.

In general, smaller cities have a cheaper cost of living and tuition for language students. Cities that are popular tourist destinations are often quite expensive, as are cities that are popular among expatriates. Finally, because beautiful beaches are one of Spain’s most alluring qualities, coastal towns often draw more tourists and higher price tags than smaller inland cities.  Many cities in Spain are quite affordable, but here are a few of the best and cheapest cities for studying at a Spanish language school.

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5# Granada

This Andalucía city is a popular university town so it makes sense that prices in Granada would be relatively affordable. Many language programs offer discounted prices for study in Granada. Granada local establishments and tourist destinations also offer many discounts for students that prospective language students might be able to take advantage of.

Restaurants and bars in Granada are also often quite cheap, with the exception of areas that are frequented by tourists. One of the best reasons to study in Granada is the free tapas. At local tapas bars you’ll often receive a tapa free of charge in Granada, making going out a highly affordable option.

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4# Alicante

This medium-sized town is the second biggest city in the community of Valencia, but it’s relatively cheap for tourists and students studying abroad. Alicante has a few unique qualities that make it great for students looking for a cheap study abroad program. Because most of the old town is small and easily walked, students won’t have to pay much for public transportation.

Public transport, including buses and trams, are reasonably priced and the locals consider the taxis to be quite affordable. Alicante also has a great central market that offers groceries at a great price. As far as entertainment goes, Alicante has some of the best free entertainment in the world: beautiful sandy beaches.

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3# Santiago de Compostela

Although this small Spanish city is known for drawing tourists and pilgrims from all around to visit the cathedral and walk the popular Camino de Santiago, Santiago de Compostela is an excellent choice for an affordable city to study in while in Spain.

Because the central part of the city is quite small, it’s easy to walk everywhere you need to go. You’ll also find reasonably priced groceries and restaurant fare due to the large numbers of backpackers coming through the area. Santiago de Compostela is also a great choice for students who want to dine on some of Galicia’s finest cuisine for excellent prices.

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2# Tenerife

This little island breaks two of the rules for finding a cheap city for studying in Spain, it’s not inland and it’s a popular tourist and expat destination, but nonetheless, Tenerife is surprisingly affordable. The distinction in Tenerife is between the capital city, Santa Cruz, on the north part of the island where UniSpain’s school is located, and the touristic southern tip only a short bus ride away, and the western coastlines of the island.

Even though the influx of visitors on the island of Tenerife, especially tourists and expats coming from the U.K. is considerable, you’ll find that prices for accommodation, groceries, and dining out are incredibly low. Combine that factor with the fact that within the Canary Islands they pay a much lower VAT (sales tax) compared to other Spanish cities and you’ve got excellent prices. For students coming from the U.S., Canada, and other destinations, Tenerife might offer a great destination for tropical beaches and Spanish study.

If you choose to travel to the south of the island during evenings and weekends, students will also enjoy all the great deals offered by local bars and clubs. For travel and entertainment, the island has many great beaches and plenty of affordable destinations and tours for students who are interested in exploring the natural beauty of Tenerife.

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1# Salamanca

This quaint northern town offers a little of everything and is considered by many to be the best city for students in all of Spain. Salamanca is home to Spain’s oldest university which is often considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world. There are also several language schools in Salamanca filled with students from all over the world making the perfect atmosphere for embarking on an exciting cultural experience at a student-friendly price.

The central part of Salamanca is easily walked so transportation costs will be minimal. For dining out, Salamanca is well-known for tapas that are almost free, costing sometimes as a little as 20 or 30 cents with the purchase of a beverage. Compared to some of the other destinations for studying in Spain, Salamanca is relatively well connected for travel at just a couple hours from Madrid.

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