Top 5 Cheapest Intensive Spanish Language Courses in Spain

So you want to get fluent in Spanish? And you need to do it fast and cheap?

Then consider our Top 5 list of the cheapest, yet high standard, Spanish language schools in Spain.

If you choose one of these “fully loaded” language programs that immerse you in conversation and culture from day one, the experience will take your language skills to the next stage in a very short period of time – without breaking the bank.


#5 – Gran Canaria School

Although this is one of the cheapest language schools in Spain, it is also a well-respected one. Gran Canaria School’s short-term courses, between 2-8 weeks in length, are extremely popular; the school itself is CEELE quality-certified. These factors make it an excellent choice if you are looking for a high standard, yet cheap intensive Spanish course abroad.

The school has been offering intensive courses to Spanish students since 1964 and their highly successful program includes total language immersion, conversation practice, written exercises, grammar and vocabulary, as well as an extremely diverse cultural and social program. This, coupled with highly motivational teachers who keep the classes participative, enables the school to achieve their main objective: to get students communicating in Spanish quickly and effectively.

The school is located on the Island of Gran Canaria, renowned for its temperate climate. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria’s capital, offers culture in the form of museums, historic sights and theaters, as well as restaurants, nightlife, plus sunny beaches, so you’ll get a great cultural experience to support your structured learning.

A two-week intensive course containing 20 lessons per week costs a mere 270€ (£229 or $346) at Gran Canaria School. In fact, you can combine any number of weeks for as long as you need them, and the price gets progressively and relatively cheaper as you go along, so for example up to four weeks on the same basis, works out at 419 € (£355 or $540). For alternative program lengths and prices check out Gran Canaria School’s full course information and pricing here.


#4 – Alicante University

Alicante University offers foreign students a great experience, especially on the intensive Spanish courses. Apart from the 20-hours per week Spanish lesson program you’ll also get to participate in language exchange with Spanish students, plus excursions and events organised by the university’s Relations Centre. Not to mention hanging out on a real university campus in Spain!

Intensive courses at Alicante University are available at varying lengths and you can book them for as short or long a time as you need, from 2 weeks onwards and ranging up to as many as required. This makes Alicante University a very affordable and flexible choice for intensive courses on any budget.

The University’s Spanish teachers all have a degree in philology and each have good experience in teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students. Additionally, the university has excellent facilities, including vast green zones for students to enjoy, sports grounds and even a Science Park.

From as little as 407€ (£344 or $523), you can take a two-week intensive course containing 20 Spanish lessons per week. Whilst 15 of these lessons focus on grammar, vocabulary and practical, oral and written language exercises, the remaining five weekly lessons cover culture, history, art and other important topics. If you wanted to extend your intensive course on this basis to four weeks, it would cost only 663€ (£561 or $853). See more prices and weekly lesson combinations for Alicante University here.


#3 – Hispania Valencia

For 2-4 week intensive courses, Hispania Valencia is one of the best-priced schools in Spain. To make your cultural immersion complete, the school also offers a superb range of extra-curricular activities, including flamenco dancing, sports events, social evenings, dinners and sightseeing excursions. The school has grown from strength to strength and as proof of its popularity has now expanded from two to ten classrooms. It has a well-stocked library, common rooms for students to gather between lessons, sun terraces and a cafeteria.

Valencia is a very modern city with excellent public transportation that enable students to explore the urban nucleus and beyond. You’ll also find ancient architecture and cutting edge scientific advances mixing together in in this vibrant city. Consider visiting the famous Ciudad de Las Artes y Las Ciencias or simply lose yourself in the labyrinth of narrow streets in the old city.

For 261€ (£221 or $339) you can enjoy a two-week intensive course including 20 lessons per week and for 465€ (£392 or $599) you can book the same number of lessons per week over a whole month. You may also be interested in having extra one-on-one tuition, or a summer intensive, which includes guided tours of the city, excursions, activities… and lessons on the beach! See here for more information about intensive courses and prices.


#2 – Proyecto Granada

Proyecto Español Granada offers the cheapest 6-10 weeks Spanish language courses currently on the market. They also offer super-intensive courses combining 30 weekly lessons, five of which are one-to-one tuition. Thanks to their collaborative work with public organisations, however, the school is able to offer surprisingly favourable rates to students.

Proyecto Granada is located in the charming historic city centre and with Granada enjoying fairly good public transportation connections, you’ll have easy access to cultural all around – in particular the mighty Alhambra Castle overlooking the winding old streets criss-crossing Granada’s heart. Despite the surrounding Moorish and Andalusian history, the school’s premises offer good modern facilities and resources, from computers to a multi-titled library.

For a 25-lessons-per-week intensive course, you’re looking at 238€ (£201 or $305) and even at the higher end of the price scale, Proyecto Granada’s 4-week intensive course containing 25 group lessons + 5 individual lessons, only costs 818€ (£692 or $1052). Find our more about this school and it’s range of intensive programs here.


#1 – Malaga University

Yet again, Malaga University is our numero uno for wellpriced quality courses! The University’s intensive courses have five proficiency levels ranging right the way through from beginner level to advanced, and because these courses begin each month, you can do courses any time of year to suit your schedule.

The intensive Spanish language course at Malaga University is based on 5 daily Spanish lessons including two hours of language and grammar, two hours of conversation practice and one hour of reading comprehension and listening exercises. As an added bonus, the university’s intensive Spanish courses only have 2-7 students per class, allowing each student to obtain more personalised attention from their teachers.

The student campus is located in El Palo, a relaxed area of Malaga that has a stunning beach promenade, some great bars and restaurants. Malaga is also one of Spain’s cheapest cities so you’ll also find things like rent, grocery shopping and busses and trains very manageable on a tight student budget.

Malaga University’s intensive courses start at 4 weeks, at only 397€ (£336 or $508). To see further course information and pricings, click here.

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