UniSpain Summer Scholarship 2014 – Kendall Da Costa

Kendall Da Costa

“I have gone through a tough time, but I will never let that define my passion for the Food industry and I will not let it keep me from traveling to Spain.”

He is a student of Jamaican descent at the Culinary Institute of America. He has faced some challenges in his life but never let any of them deter him from his dream of succeeding in the Food industry.
Despite living 1000 miles from his family, he works hard to attend his classes and studies his Rosetta Stone material in between it all in order to be a Top Chef who communicates efficiently.


Kendall’s full scholarship application essay

The Opportunist, the Dreamers and the Cooks

            Never In a million years did I think I would set foot onto the Culinary Institute of America’s campus. Now, I have no doubt in my mind that my opportunities and experiences are not handed to me but worked for. I am not much different then the other guy/girl applying for this trip and learning opportunity, or am I? I will not dwell on the comparisons but the contrasts that make me the perfect candidate and separate me from the rest. Knowledge is a big inspiration that pushes me to new heights. I have gone through many a tough time, but I will never let that define my passion for the Food industry and I will not let it keep me from traveling to Spain, learning Spanish and in my own time, studying the local cuisine. I have pulled out and dusted off the Rosetta Stone, and am pushing myself, in between classes, to learn a language that is becoming more popular in America and the Food Industry. Language and communication barriers is what separates the efficient and understanding from the lazy and unmotivated. I want to be that Executive Chef that can communicate with my staff properly. I want to be that Executive Chef that is full of knowledge and understanding. What better way to do this than to be bilingual, or trilingual. Spain is an opened door that I will be taking advantage of. My mother always used to tell me in her thick Jamaican accent, “Their are scholarships and grants everywhere and opportunities are endless but they are not going to jump out at you.” Ever since I found myself at the public library picking up the latest scholarship and grant books. We were never a wealthy family but we made it work with what we had and I personally feel that it has made me stronger and has pushed me to take advantage of all doors that are opened up to me. So why not apply for this Spain trip. Why not click through rosetta stone and struggle through the accents of the words. In the end. It will make me stronger. The struggle is always what makes one stronger. I struggled at school in the beginning in the adjustments of moving over 1000 miles away from my family all alone. We all have dreams, but I am slowly making mine a reality. I know that I will put this exceptional opportunity to good use. Extra time in the library with my trustee Rosetta and teachers, and making sure that my semester oversees is the most rewarding in every way. My Name is Kendall DaCosta and I look forward to my trip.


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