UniSpain Summer Scholarship 2014 – Pham Anh Thu

 Pham Anh Thu


“Higher level of Spanish will help me build up a firmer career, furthermore I desire to share my knowledge to everyone and do meaningful activities for a better society.”

Foreseeing the necessity for Spanish speakers in the near future, Thu has been steadily studying Spanish for the last two years.
She is no stranger to hard work as she has succeeded in learning English. But where she falls short with Spanish is the lack of speakers to practice with Vietnam. That is where Spain comes in.
She would love to discover the culture and share her own with the Spaniards she comes across. To top it off, she hopes to one day open a coffee shop in Vietnam catered to Spanish culture and language exchange.


Thu’s full scholarship application essay

Luckily, I found incidentally your announcement about the summer scholarships to study Spanish in the University of Malaga on the website UniSpain. I have been looking for essential programs like this to improve my Spanish so far. Hence I would like to be considered to become one of two fortunate persons granted these scholarships.

My name is Thu, a girl from Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam where there are not too many people using Spanish as a foreign language even though Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. However, I am the one of few people who is interested in Spanish as well as the cultures of Spain or Latin American countries. Moreover, I believe that Spanish will be more popular in Vietnam in the near future and I can set a long-term career with this language as a tourist guide or a Spanish teacher. That is the reason I have kept patience to study Spanish during two years.

Although I have spent a lot of time studying Spanish, I am not able to master on it since I do not have many opportunities to practice Spanish excepting only three hours per week in the class with my foreign teacher. No as English, a common language studied in Vietnam, learners can improve their English skills thanks to joining in many Speaking English Clubs or talking with any foreigners on the streets of the downtown. I deeply understand the importance of communicative environment in learning foreign language. Nothing is better than taking learners a period of time in a native country to study the true language and explore its own specific cultural characteristics. Therefore, I have a strong desire of being experienced in the pure Spanish community, and your summer scholarship at University of Malaga will make my dream come true.

Following the information I have read, the university was the first one established in 1972 in Malaga, a magnificent city located on the Costa del Sol in the Andalucía region of southern Spain. This place is not only famous for beautiful sandy beaches, but architectural history and Mediterranean gastronomy also. I am really curious about the city where the genial painter Picasso was born. I would like to learn more about the culture which is mostly different from my typical Asian one. Studying in the reputable university with massive experience in teaching Spanish for speakers of other language and living in a wonderful city as Malaga will help me acquire and enjoy Spanish easily.

I realized that mastering foreign languages would lead me to a bright horizon. I overcame the obstacle in communication of English due to frequently joining in the speaking English clubs around my city on all Sundays in the past. The useful Sundays gave me confidence in speaking English effectively and my fluency has been highly appreciated. I wish I could do the same thing with Spanish if I have a chance to practice it in Spain with your scholarship. One-month is not a
long time, but it will be sufficient for me, a person who has studied Spanish for two years, to consolidate and synthesize my own knowledge. In the other hand, the scholarship will be more precious for people as me staying in the city where there are not many materials of reference related to Spain as well as opportunities to practice communicating.

A higher level of Spanish will help me build up a firmer career, furthermore I desire to share my knowledge to everyone and do meaningful activities for a better society. I would like to introduce Vietnam to tourists from 20 countries in the world with my Spanish. Beside the time of being a tourist guide, teaching Spanish will be also an interesting job that I will be able to transmit Spanish culture to learners. Additionally, my friend and I have thought of opening a coffee shop where we will organize Speaking Spanish Clubs and serve variety of tapas. I wish to contribute my little part to shorten the distance between Vietnam and Spain.

The summer scholarship in Malaga is truly necessary to me. I hope to have a chance to be in Spain next summer. I will definitely make an effort to comprehend as much as possible of language, history and culture of Spain with my entire self-motivation, enthusiasm and diligence.



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