What fields of study can a study abroad experience in Spain contribute to?

What fields of study can a study acbroad experiencie in Spain contribute to-Imagen vía aprendeyemprende.comBusiness
Spain is an excellent study abroad option for business students in large part because of the crucial role it plays as a bridge between Europe and Latin America. Countless Spanish companies have made the leap across the Atlantic and taken root in Central and South American countries and, as of late, vice-versa.

Madrid and Barcelona are the best destinations in Spain for business students. Both cities are important business centers in Spain; Madrid because of its status as the country’s capital and Barcelona thanks to its international connections to the rest of the world.

Politics & social sciences
This relationship with Latin America extends beyond business to the social and political arenas, making Spain a great place for students of international politics and social sciences (especially in light of the massive flux of immigration from South American countries Spain has received in the last decade).

Spain also plays an increasingly important role in European and international politics, and is respected as a nation with sound foreign policy. Its formidable transition from a poor and underdeveloped dictatorship to a modern democracy with a robust economy in only 30 years makes it a study for developing countries throughout the world.

Sports marketing
Barcelona presents itself as the perfect study/internship abroad destination for sports marketing students. Spain’s most international city was revolutionized by the ’92 Olympics and today plays host to a wide range of international sporting events.

Since the days of the Olympics Spain has developed a powerful presence in the global sporting arena, and this freshly developing potential gives students a unique opportunity to gain valuable international experience.

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