Au pair in Spain: why choose our Au Pair Service over traditional au pairing

Global-Flight-Tour-Clipart-Vector-Illustration-image by lazydrawing.comAu pairing is an enriching cultural experience: the chance to travel to a new country, live with a host family, learn a new language and immerse yourself in a new culture. It is also an inexpensive way to spend a longer period of time in a foreign country. However, some common complaints that au pairs have are:

  • Not learning enough Spanish because the family requested that they speak in English all the time with the children
  • Picking up wrong grammar or baby language from the children they were looking after
  • Only having enough time to take Spanish classes for a couple of hours a week
  • Feeling lonely as a result of never coming into contact with people of their own age

This is why we at UniSpain have collaborated with a well-known Spanish au pair agency to create a brand new Au Pair Service. Our service provides you with the best of both worlds– the chance to au pair in Spain, whilst also participating in a Spanish language course at one of the top Spanish schools in the country. We will match you to your perfect family and enroll you in a course.

Spanish classes

We can guarantee 4 hours of classes per day- no other au pair agency can assure this amount of hours. Although it will vary according to family, in most cases the classes will fit neatly into your schedule as you will take the children to school, attend classes whilst they are at school and finish in time to collect them and spend the rest of the day with them.

Given that classes are in the middle of the day you will be able to focus more- imagine trying to concentrate in a Spanish class after a long day of caring for the children. You will also establish a solid routine of language learning, as opposed to a few hours of au pair spain- image by www.easyaupair.comclass here and there, thereby maximizing your learning potential. Finally, there will definitely be no chance of you not practicing enough Spanish or picking up baby Spanish!

Another advantage is that in the classes, you will be able to meet other people of your own age, thereby reducing the feelings of loneliness that come withspending time only with adults or children.

Of course, you don’t have to take Spanish classes throughout your entire stay- you can choose for how long you wish to take them. We recommend 12 weeks to get you up to speed on the grammar and basics. Remember, if you choose a course of a minimum of 8 weeks, we will waive the fee charged to find you a family (€200).

Top quality schools in great locations

We offer three fantastic Spanish locations: Madrid, Granada and Pamplona. Of course, Madrid, as the capital, is the most famous destination offered, but Granada is a beautiful city in the South with a Moorish influence, and Pamplona a Northern destination famed for its festival of San Fermin, probably the most famous Spanish festival of all.

Our support

In case you encounter any problems, for example issues with your host family, we can intervene. If after assessing your situation we feel that it is right, we can even relocate you free of charge. We will be at your disposal and always on hand to support you: before, during and after the experience.

If this article has whet your appetite, you can see more information about the Au Pair Service here.

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