Best cheap Spanish language schools in Spain for young students

The cheapest Spanish Language Schools in SpainThe world gets smaller every day. Internet, faster travel and globalised business have made it so. Consequently, speaking just one language is no longer enough and especially for young people in the 18-25 age bracket, the pressure’s on.

Gaining access to a solid higher education path, or good career prospects, speaking another language used to be considered a bonus. Today, in many fields, it is a prerequisite. But school language tuition does not always take you far enough.

Spanish language, an investment in your future

More and more young people are investing their time in learning Spanish as a second language. Spanish has quickly become one of the most necessary languages in the world, thanks to South American, North American and Spanish business. Consequently, the popularity of language immersion courses in Spain has soared.

While many still believe that the expense of studying Spanish abroad is too great, language schools like Proyecto Español in Alicante and Granada topple this idea on its head. These two schools belonging to the Proyecto Español chain, for instance, are internationally accredited and offer high standard Spanish immersion courses. Additionally, with happening extra curricular activity schedules, and with the vast majority of their student populations around 18-25 years of age, these schools are ideally suited for young Spanish learners. A two-week course at either of these schools school costs a surprisingly low 190€, and includes 15 Spanish lessons each week.

Even when you calculate the other costs, you’re still winning. Add a budget airline flight (starting from 100€ within Europe), and host family accommodation with full board (295€), plus pocket money (about 50-100€ for entertainment, souvenirs, and outings to the cinema or similar), your total cost for two weeks would be around 650-750€. Additionally, prices get inversely cheaper the longer you book, while the one-off costs, like flights, remain the same.

Compare it with the cost of Spanish lessons back home

With the average cost of a private Spanish lessons with a native teacher hovering around 20-40€ in the UK or Europe, you’d get about 25 lessons for your money back home, for the cost of an intensive language immersion programme in Spain. This number of classes would normally be spread over a longer period of time, during which your learning would not benefit from intensity of pace or being constantly surrounded by native Spanish speakers outside classes.

So which are the best, cheap language schools in Spain?Hispania Valencia Spanish School

Generally speaking, language schools located in cheaper Spanish destinations with international airport access are ideal for young students’ budgets. This is because of the readily available low-cost flights to these cities, and minimal living costs.

Think along the lines of Malaga, Granada, Alicante, Valencia and Salamanca to get the best deals.

Sampere Salamanca is a great example. The average Sampere Salamanca student is between 18 and 25 years old and the school has specially designed course materials, ideal for language immersion students.

Salamanca is a traditional student city with lots of cheap entertainment on offer, and as for the school, the standard is very high: all of the Estudio Sampere teachers hold a degree in Spanish Philology, and the school is accredited by five international and national education associations.

Yet the price for two-week courses including 20 Spanish lessons and 4 cultural lessons per week, is only 353€ – this is very, very good value for money.

Malaga University is another popular, quality learning institution, ideally suited for young, foreign students, especially during school holiday times and gap years. The university issues certificates for all students who pass their final course exams and this can look great on a CV for the future.

There are 3-month-long term courses available all throughout the year, from as cheap as 1645€, and the intensive courses that last one month cost only 356€.

Hispania Valencia is another Cervantes Institute accredited school that offers excellent tuition for less money. Starting from 261€, you can enjoy 20 Spanish lessons per week for a fortnight in one of Spain’s most modern and sunny Mediterranean cities. The degree-qualified teachers here are known for their enthusiasm and involvement, and the lessons take place in a charming Spanish villa close to the University of Valencia.

Escuela Delengua in Granada is known for its fun, easy approach to Spanish, and has a great extra-curricular schedule of outings, sports events and sightseeing. This school is also accredited by the German Bildur Board and the Swedish CSN Association, and is located right in the centre of the city, near lots of tapas bars, Moorish teahouses and shops. Two-week courses start at only 247€.

In the long term, immersion is cheaper

So, contrary to logic perhaps, immersion courses abroad actually work out cheaper than classroom courses at home. When you measure the speed and efficiency at which you can learn Spanish in Spain where you are surrounded by the language 24 hours a day – versus taking daily one-hour classes back in your home country – the price-result ratio quickly begins to make sense.

Book a discounted course for this summer

If you want to raise your school Spanish to a second-language level this summer, get in touch with UniSpain today. Working with over 40 officially registered Spanish schools in Spain, we specialise in quality short and long-term Spanish immersion courses for foreign language learners, and can give you expert advice on suitable language schools for young students.

What’s more, because of the way we negotiate with schools, our prices always carry a discount and courses booked through us work out cheaper than when booking directly with the schools themselves.

Get in touch with us for more information and advice, or check out our many resources online, like our Spanish Pocket Money Calculator, School Price Comparison and Special Offers. ¡Nos vemos!

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