UniSpain Summer Scholarship 2014 – TOP CANDIDATES

schol3Here at UniSpain, we truly believe in the benefits of studying Spanish in Spain as both a potentially rewarding professional investment and as an enriching personal experience.

But we understand that not everyone has the resources to fund such an endeavour, and thus, each year it is our pleasure to award a scholarship to two deserving candidates to come study Spanish in Spain – all expenses paid, except the cost of transportation to and from Spain and day to day personal allowances.

Yup! It’s always so exciting. And we’re at it yet again!
This summer 2014, the two chosen candidates will be able to attend a one summer course at the University of Málaga in Andalusia, Spain!

We received an astounding number of applications and have carefully sifted through each and every one to compile a list of the Top Candidates who we feel demonstrated an intense passion for Spanish language learning with impressive backgrounds to match.

And so here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Brandon Soto
  2. Solitaire Deane
  3. Dila Sürmeli
  4. Lynette Goh Hui Min
  5. Kendall Da Costa
  6. Rashmi
  7. Cleo Ha
  8. Daniela Matheus-Holland
  9. Isis Trammell
  10. Christopher Vasquez
  11. Pham Thu
  12. Fatemeh Zendehboodi


But the decision process is not over yet!
As these top candidates are all really strong contenders, we need your help in choosing the final two by according us with your votes of confidence for your preferred candidate.

We have published a presentation of each candidate based on their scholarship application essay and we leave it open to you to “Like” via Facebook or “Retweet” via Twitter your preferred candidate’s essay post.

Although, this last step will NOT be the ultimate deciding factor in of itself, we will take into consideration the social media support each essay posts receives whether via anonymous well wishers or the rallying networks of the candidates themselves.

We thank each and every person who sent in an application and send out good luck to all the remaining candidates in the running during these last two weeks until we officially declare the scholarship recipients December 15th.



— Interested in studying Spanish in Spain?
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Or perhaps, you could try your luck next year and be the recipient of our annual scholarship!

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