Au pairing is an enriching cultural experience: the chance to travel to a new country, live with a host family, learn a new language and immerse yourself in a new culture. It is also an inexpensive way to spend a longer period of time in a foreign country. However, some common complaints that au pairs have are: Not learning enough Spanish because the family requested that they speak in English all the time with the children Picking up wrong grammar or baby language from the children they were looking after …CONTINUE READING

In today’s globally-connected world, everyone knows the importance of speaking more than one language. Whether to boost your career, to be able to travel or just for fun, language skills are highly valued. But why learn Spanish over any other language? UniSpain investigates… Number of speakers There are approximately 470 million native speakers of Spanish, making it the second most spoken language in the world. In fact, there are more native speakers of Spanish than English! What’s more- the proportion of the world population that speaks Spanish as a native …CONTINUE READING

Spain is a country famous for its fiestas and ferias! Most are usually based on religion, like the Semana Santa celebrations, and some on tradition, such as La Tomatina. Some are famous worldwide, such as the San Fermin festival (during which the Running of the Bulls takes place) and some are simply crazy, like the goat-throwing festival of Zamora, where a live goat is hurled from the church tower and caught by the crowd beneath (it was banned in 2002). Additionally, each town has its own feria once a year- …CONTINUE READING

We at UniSpain have recently collaborated with an established Spanish au pair agency to launch a new au pair service. This exciting new project offers you the ideal way to combine a Spanish language course with the chance to work as an au pair in Spain. Au pairs go abroad to live with a host family and care for their children. Accommodation and meals are provided by the family, as well as a weekly allowance. Our au pair service matches you to a compatible host family, as well as enrolls …CONTINUE READING

When it comes to learning a foreign language, should you go to university, or select a particular language school? It’s not an easy question to answer, is it? That’s because learning isn’t so cut and dried and the pros and cons of each need to be delved into, before such a decision can be made. Still, there is one question that can be easily answered and that is, is it better to learn a language in your home town, or in the foreign country in question? We can learn a …CONTINUE READING

Want to study Spanish in Spain but have no idea where to start? Here at UniSpain we have created a Help Choosing Tool which does exactly what it says on the tin– helps you to choose where in Spain, and at which school specifically, to study Spanish! It doesn’t matter if you have no previous knowledge of Spain or no idea about Spanish schools; we have created this tool to give you a quick introduction to the various options in order to help you start your search. Just answer a …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain, we have teamed up with an established Spanish au pair agency to launch a new au pair service, which offers you the chance to combine au pairing in Spain with a top-quality Spanish language course. This is ideal for those wanting to stay in Spain long-term and work as an au pair whilst also learning the Spanish language. 1. Complete immersion: As an au pair, you will live with a Spanish family. This will allow you to adapt to the Spanish way of life- customs, cuisine, mealtime …CONTINUE READING

So, you want to study Spanish in Spain. In which city should you choose to study? And in which school specifically? There are over a thousand Spanish schools in Spain, and that number is constantly growing. Naturally, some are more established and offer better quality courses than others. So how do you sort the good from the bad? Unlike finding a university, there is not a wealth of information available to aid you in making your choice, such as league tables. Obviously, ask a school itself and they will always …CONTINUE READING

Arranging accommodation in Spain can seem daunting but there is no need to stress. Below we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two choices available: finding your own accommodation or booking it through a school or agent. Key factors to consider are the length of your Spanish course, whether you have any special requests, and of course your budget.   Nowadays, the market is changing. If you want to look for a flat yourself, there is a multitude of (usually free) websites where you can create a profile and …CONTINUE READING

This is one of the key issues that students have when booking Spanish courses in Spain: deciding whether to book with an agent or with the school itself. To guide you, we have compiled a list of the main advantages of each option.   Agency Objective advice Schools themselves will always promote their own courses. However, as agencies work with a wide number of schools and receive commission from each one, they will offer an objective view of which city you should study in and in which school specifically. Language …CONTINUE READING