Here at UniSpain, we have teamed up with an established Spanish au pair agency to launch a new au pair service, which offers you the chance to combine au pairing in Spain with a top-quality Spanish language course. This is ideal for those wanting to stay in Spain long-term and work as an au pair whilst also learning the Spanish language. 1. Complete immersion: As an au pair, you will live with a Spanish family. This will allow you to adapt to the Spanish way of life- customs, cuisine, mealtime …CONTINUE READING

So, you want to study Spanish in Spain. In which city should you choose to study? And in which school specifically? There are over a thousand Spanish schools in Spain, and that number is constantly growing. Naturally, some are more established and offer better quality courses than others. So how do you sort the good from the bad? Unlike finding a university, there is not a wealth of information available to aid you in making your choice, such as league tables. Obviously, ask a school itself and they will always …CONTINUE READING

Arranging accommodation in Spain can seem daunting but there is no need to stress. Below we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two choices available: finding your own accommodation or booking it through a school or agent. Key factors to consider are the length of your Spanish course, whether you have any special requests, and of course your budget.   Nowadays, the market is changing. If you want to look for a flat yourself, there is a multitude of (usually free) websites where you can create a profile and …CONTINUE READING

This is one of the key issues that students have when booking Spanish courses in Spain: deciding whether to book with an agent or with the school itself. To guide you, we have compiled a list of the main advantages of each option.   Agency Objective advice Schools themselves will always promote their own courses. However, as agencies work with a wide number of schools and receive commission from each one, they will offer an objective view of which city you should study in and in which school specifically. Language …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain we have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts to guide you when studying Spanish in Spain. Let’s take a look at some of the things you definitely shouldn’t miss out on, as well as some of the things to avoid.   Do: Fully immerse yourself You are in Spain! Watch Spanish TV, listen to Spanish music on the radio, read Spanish newspapers and magazines…Make every effort to read, write, listen to, and speak Spanish at all times. Keep a small notebook with you and jot down any …CONTINUE READING

Now you may be thinking, why learn Spanish in Spain when I can learn it at home? Nowadays, language learning has become so much more advanced and there is a whole range of textbooks, computer programs and apps, all of which allow you to learn a language in the comfort of your own home country. Isn’t it cheaper, more convenient and therefore better to learn Spanish at home? Here we discuss why this is quite simply not the case… Immersion If you choose to learn Spanish in Spain, total immersion …CONTINUE READING

While English is classed as the business language of the world, Spanish falls a close second and so being master of both puts you in a good position in that business world of today.  It will also greatly enhance your curriculum vitae.  Like other languages, Spanish accents and dialects vary from region to region and from country to country, so it’s worth making sure you go to the right institution to learn how to speak effective Spanish and two of the routes you could go down are a university education …CONTINUE READING

When it comes to choosing the most suitable Spanish language package in Spain, it can be either a straightforward task, or it can be really difficult and it all boils down to what knowledge you already have at your fingertips. If you’re learning from scratch, one of the first fears with trying to book a successful course is the language itself. Will the phone calls I make be met with a foreign voice? How many times am I likely to hang up in frustration? Which part of Spain will offer …CONTINUE READING

Everyone speaks English in Torremolinos – right? So, you’re thinking about opening a bar in Spain? You’ve found a gap in the market and you have your eye on a property. So far so good, but have you thought about learning the language? It’s true, you may be able to get by in English if your bar is in a tourist area, but you will soon find that the success of your new business will rely on establishing good working relationships with locals, who may not be able to speak …CONTINUE READING

Everything started when I stumbled upon the scholarship offer of UniSpain searching for a Spanish course in Spain over the Internet. I was so ecstatic since I thought I would fit perfectly to their description for the candidates, so I wrote down an essay explaining all the things I had done to learn Spanish. I never lost hope through the competition even though I knew so many people apart from me would apply as well, and my motivation within the votes of my friends helped me acquire the scholarship to …CONTINUE READING