It’s time to compare how well Spain’s eight top universities cater to language students! Are you thinking about studying Spanish in Spain? Well, a Spanish University will definitely look good on your CV and you’re bound to have a fun experience on a campus with tens of thousands of other students from around the world. But how do university language course prices, academic standards, facilities and activities compare? How do you know you’re getting the best value for money and what is the most suitable academic environment for you? In …CONTINUE READING

A handsome dark stranger smiles at you from across the dance floor and before you know it, he walks up to you. Your heart beats faster as his gorgeous brown eyes lock into yours… and then he says something really fast, in Spanish. You blink. “Er… perdón?” He repeats himself, but you’re none the wiser. After a few attempts, disappointed, you watch as he shrugs his shoulders… and asks the girl next to you to dance! Socialising in Spain Not understanding what native Spanish speakers say to you is the …CONTINUE READING

Spanish language schools may offer several different types of courses and diplomas.   Some may give their students attendance certificates, requiring students to be present at a minimum number of classes. Certain school diplomas may require students to sit a final exam. While these qualifications can give you great personal satisfaction and prove that you have taken practical steps to learn a language well, there are certain qualifications, which are officially recognised worldwide. Because of this, they will look great on your CV, and give you access to further education …CONTINUE READING

While studying in Spain, you may wish to buy a mobile phone, install a telephone line or DSL and find about cheap calls abroad. Here are UniSpain’s tips for getting the most out of telephone and internet deals in Spain. 1. Ordering internet + phone line for a rental apartment Telephone and WiFi in Spain If you are staying in a private student apartment in Spain, you may wish to enjoy ADSL (that’s what DSL is called in Spanish) or a landline telephone all to yourself, instead of going to …CONTINUE READING

Contrary to common belief, mature students can learn a language at the same speed as younger learners. As long as your motivation is high, you can use these following tricks to really give your Spanish a boost… 1. Don’t get stressed if you cannot speak Spanish straight away – it’s normal Many mature students believe that they cannot speak Spanish quickly, simply because of their age. The myth remains that children learn foreign languages much faster. Professor Stephen Krashen, from the University of Southern California, who conducted extensive studies into …CONTINUE READING

Student accommodation problems in a foreign country? No fun! At first, it might be daunting to deal with a Spanish landlord on your own, or sometimes other students may have questionable kitchen hygiene standards. On occasion, even when you complain, some noisy neighbours don’t seem to care much about your beauty sleep. So how can you best handle student accommodation problems in Spain? Below, we have put down some helpful information on: 1. ELECTRICITY, WATER & GAS 2. KEYS & LOCKS 3. BROKEN HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES AND FURNITURE 4. NOISY OR …CONTINUE READING

What kind of student accommodation in Spain is the best? As we have discussed before on the UniSpain blog, student accommodation is an important factor when it comes to your well-being abroad. The living options for foreign students in Spain are usually as follows: shared student flats, purpose-built student residences, hiring your own apartment, or staying with a Spanish host family. Here is our guide to host family accommodation in Spain. What kinds of Spanish families take in students? It is useful for foreign students to understand that all Spanish …CONTINUE READING

“How much will it all cost?” This is probably the first question most people ask when they start planning a language learning trip to Spain. This is why the UniSpain website has several financial tools that can give you a really good idea of spending money needed in Spain. We have a Pocket Money Calculator that will work out your rough monthly spending depending on your location and the things you like to do. And all our school descriptions come with exact prices for courses and shared student flat, host …CONTINUE READING

When you book a language course in Spain, accommodation will figure as one of your top priorities. Not just because of the cost, but also because of your overall welfare. Being happy where you live is very important. Why student residences can be a good choice Student residences are a good option for those students who want to combine high quality accommodation, creature comforts and a sociable student atmosphere. Student residences usually have great facilities, extras like WiFi, half-board or in some cases even a gym and rooms that are …CONTINUE READING

Comparing Spanish course prices in Spain When you Google for information like “cheap language courses in Spain” or “best Spanish language schools in Barcelona” you are bound to find a multitude of language school websites, study abroad packages and agencies. One of the pages that you’ll come across will belong to UniSpain. Who is UniSpain? UniSpain is an online agency offering Spanish language courses in 43 reputable language schools in Spain. We work with 43 language schools on the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Isles and the Balearics, including both private …CONTINUE READING