Northern Spain is sometimes ignored as a language study destination, with Madrid and Barcelona, or the sunnier southern cities getting most of the attention. But Spain’s north provides a culturally rich, fascinating setting for learning Spanish. From historical, cobble stoned cities, cathedral spires and beaches, to some of Spain’s best tapas, here’s a rundown of the top Spanish schools in Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastian and Pamplona. DESTINATION #1: SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Santiago is probably one of the most picturesque and seductive cities in the whole of Spain. Imagine the …CONTINUE READING

2014 may still be seeing the effects of the global economic crisis. But there’s good news, because along with tight budgets, come some excellent discounts. This has also been noticeable in the language-teaching sector in Spain and UniSpain is in a unique position to pass onto you some excellent, big offers at some of Spain’s top language schools. Here are our Top 5 favourites right now… 5 – Learn to surf and speak Spanish for only 290€! Why not combine your Spanish language studies with a cool activity? And it’s …CONTINUE READING

Kilometro zero is where it all begins. Did you know that Madrid’s famous Puerta del Sol square is the exact point from where the length of every motorway in Spain is measured? Hence the name, “zero kilometres”, and the reason why we’re starting our journey through Spain’s cheapest and best city language schools right here… 1. Madrid Madrid is Spain’s cool and chilled out capital city – think grand old buildings and classical art museums like the Prado, combined with fashionable outdoor café terraces, rambling street markets, and vast green …CONTINUE READING

Bored of cramming irregular verbs? Shuddering at the thought of another Spanish vocabulary exercise? Then it’s time to change tack. How about watching some quality TV in Spanish and letting the language wash over you? Make some popcorn while you’re at it. We’ve chose five top programmes, from five different categories for you to watch: News, Soap Operas, Documentaries, Internet Series and Drama. Check them out. Learning Spanish will never be boring again. #5 – NEWS: BBC Mundo BBC Mundo is the Spanish-language news service belonging to BBC World Service. …CONTINUE READING

Have you been searching the web for a Spanish immersion course in Spain? If so, you’ve probably found there is a huge range of prices. Budget is usually the main deciding factor when people are planning a language-learning trip abroad. Having said that, you don’t want to scrimp on quality either. So what’s a reasonable price to pay for a Spanish course in Spain these days? Some sample prices Prices for Spanish immersion courses in Spain can vary greatly from school to school. For instance, you could take a two-week …CONTINUE READING

Most people assume that only children can learn foreign languages to a level where they can be called “bilingual”. On the same token, most of us think it is almost impossible for someone in the 40 to 65 age category to learn to speak another language fluently. But a remarkable book by a pioneering language expert reveals surprising facts that overturn these beliefs on their heads. The secret to successful language acquisition is not youth – just motivation and immersion. Kató Lomb In 2008, a book called Polyglot: How I …CONTINUE READING

The world gets smaller every day. Internet, faster travel and globalised business have made it so. Consequently, speaking just one language is no longer enough and especially for young people in the 18-25 age bracket, the pressure’s on. Gaining access to a solid higher education path, or good career prospects, speaking another language used to be considered a bonus. Today, in many fields, it is a prerequisite. But school language tuition does not always take you far enough. Spanish language, an investment in your future More and more young people …CONTINUE READING

Riverside picnics. Home made pie filled with pork loin, chorizo and boiled eggs. Families enjoying the sunshine outdoors. With many local businesses closed for the day, town folk and students alike relax on benches and blankets, drinking vino and calimocho, while children run around, laughing and playing. Welcome to El lunes de aguas in Salamanca! Those scandalous students… El lunes de aguas today is an exciting and unique Salamanca springtime festivity, which isn’t celebrated anywhere else in Spain. People flock to the banks of the River Tormes for picnics, impromptu …CONTINUE READING

Malaga, on the Mediterranean Sea, is a deeply traditional Andalusian city. Yet with the Town Hall’s recent renovation program, Malaga’s image has really lifted in the last few years. Beautiful pedestrianised shopping streets peppered with trendy tapas bars and ice cream parlours, high tech interactive museums, and expertly renovated sites like the Gibralfaro castle and the recently discovered Roman ruins in the city – plus the added allure of constant sunshine and miles of city beaches – all help make Malaga a top Spanish cultural destination. Additionally, Malaga also remains …CONTINUE READING

Currently there are hundreds of Spanish language schools in Spain. All of them aim to teach Spanish to foreigners, and many have well presented websites and marketing materials that seem very convincing. But do they all have a good standard? Language schools as businesses Many language school owners or managers in Spain are very passionate about what they do. This is reflected in their teaching staff’s competence and enthusiasm, their premises and their school’s overall organisation. Many people who own language schools in Spain know that the way to build …CONTINUE READING