Dila Sürmeli “One needs to live its vocabulary to really comprehend the learnt words and be familiar with its history, people and culture.”   A chemical engineering student from istanbul, turkey who is very serious about attaining fluency in Spanish. Despite contrary opinions around her, she took a term off from her formal studied to learn Spanish and has since invested in books which she used to get her Spanish to an intermediate level. She watches movies, listens to music and even got a job working with a Spanish cruise …CONTINUE READING

Solitaire Deane  “I don’t consider myself an ordinary woman, so I am not surprised in myself for having an extraordinary dream.” She is from Trinidad and Tobago and is saving up to undergo rigorous training to become a Commercial Pilot. Her desire to improve the basic foundation that she has in Spanish is based on being able to be more versatile within her field as well as her fascination with the Spanish cultural influence within her own culture. _ Solitaire’s full scholarship application essay Languages have always been a passion of …CONTINUE READING

Brandon Soto “Learning Spanish means a lot to me, and I am determined to make it happen. For my family, for my career, and for my own personal enjoyment.” He is from New York and is extremely determined to be fluent in Spanish due to his Puerto Rican roots. He has a family connection to Malaga as his great grandmother’s maiden name was Antequera and it was his grandfather’s dream to discover this side of his family in Spain. Brandon had to forego an opportunity to go to Spain in …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain, we truly believe in the benefits of studying Spanish in Spain as both a potentially rewarding professional investment and as an enriching personal experience. But we understand that not everyone has the resources to fund such an endeavour, and thus, each year it is our pleasure to award a scholarship to two deserving candidates to come study Spanish in Spain – all expenses paid, except the cost of transportation to and from Spain and day to day personal allowances. Yup! It’s always so exciting. And we’re at it yet again! …CONTINUE READING

Spanish as a Foreign Language university diplomas in Spain: We assess the real value of Spanish Ministry of Education approved language certificates for you Getting your Spanish language education in Spain Spiralling economic depression and government cut backs. Spain might not be as badly off as Greece, but recent international news reports about the country have been far from positive. You’ll be glad to hear then, that the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has reinforced its commitment, both educationally and financially, to offer the highest quality of tuition …CONTINUE READING

Since the 1980’s when immersion programs first became popular in the USA, UK and Europe, they are now widely recognised as the most effective way to learn a language. Knowing how to speak Spanish, so that you can fully communicate with native speakers, is of course considered a great “academic” skill. But with internet now opening global opportunities for new human relationships to develop at a staggeringly fast pace, knowing Spanish to a high level will also have a huge impact on your personal and social life, as well as …CONTINUE READING

If you’ve decided to learn Spanish through the immersion route, you’ve come to the right place! Here at UniSpain we live and breathe everything Spanish. And with more than a decade of experience in Spanish language courses for foreign students in Spain, we like to think that we know a thing or two about picking up the lingo… This week, we’ve reviewed four popular Spanish language mobile apps, and compared them to four of the best on-line Spanish courses for you. MOBILE APPS 1. Learn Spanish with Babbel.com iOS, Android …CONTINUE READING

If you are looking for a good language school in Spain, that has a solid reputation, very reasonable rates and located in an exciting destination city, you need not look any further. The Sampere language school in the heart of Madrid offers great value for money, especially on slightly longer-term Spanish language programmes, plus an excellent variety of courses and an emphasis on lots of cultural and free-time activities. It also employs excellent teaching staff, has over 50 years’ experience in teaching Spanish to foreign students, and is situated only …CONTINUE READING

Break out of your comfort zone!  Anything that makes you feel a little nervous, anxious, self-conscious or uncomfortable is a sure sign you have left the comfort zone. Maybe it’s venturing out on your own, ordering food in Spanish, riding the bus alone, asking for directions, or talking to the locals. Your comfort zone is a behavioural space where your activities (and even your thoughts!) fit into a routine pattern. The comfort zone serves to reduce stress, provide mental security, and lower anxiety. However, to maximize your language learning you …CONTINUE READING