If you plan on coming to Spain to study Spanish for a handful of weeks or just a couple of months then I doubt you would have banking issues. However, if the course of your studies will endure for at least 5-6 months or longer, then I suggest that you open a Spanish bank account. Depending on the sort of debit/credit card that you have from your home country-you could survive just fine in Spain without a Spanish bank account. But if your bank card from home proves to be expensive …CONTINUE READING

When planning your language learning trip to Spain, you’ll probably want to work on your Spanish with others of your own or similar age. It’s important for most students to have classroom time with their age peers and the same goes for activities outside the classroom, as well as sharing accommodation. Teenagers or students in their twenties probably prefer to hang out and study with others their own age… and people in their thirties, forties, fifties and over, most likely feel the same! Choosing a Spanish language course in Spain …CONTINUE READING

In Spain, there are three main housing options available to students : 1. Student Residences 2 Spanish Host-Family 3. Flat-share Each option has its associated advantages and disadvantages so it is up to you to decide which one would be best suited to your individual needs and tastes. Student Residence This is a typical set-up where you are assigned a room in a housing establishment inhabited by other students like you. The rent price includes meals taken at the residence’s cafeteria (breakfast, lunch and dinner depending), and amenities such as WiFi, telephone, television etc. Sometimes there …CONTINUE READING

Spain is notorious for its bureaucracy and red tape. And trust me when I say that its reputation does NOT precede it! This post contains little sprinkles of useful tips from someone who surmounted this bureaucratic nightmare that is the Spanish immigration system. It more about helping you make the gruelling immigration process (before and after your arrival) as frustration free as possible (if possible). For more detailed practical advice, read our other articles on NIE and Student Resident Card and Visa procedures.   Tip 1 – Get Accurate Information …CONTINUE READING

Should I study Spanish in Barcelona, Spain? Is it true that Spanish is not spoken in Barcelona? Do I need to speak Catalan to study in Barcelona? Is it is difficult to study Spanish in Barcelona? ……whoa whoa whoa! Barcelona is a beautiful, vibrant city in North-Eastern Spain. Its renowned landmarks, like Sagrada Familia, La Rambla and Guell Park, to name a few, lend themselves to the ever growing global popularity of the city. You are more likely to find some locals who speak a little bit of at least …CONTINUE READING

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing where you want to study in Spain and when you want to travel is the price of airfare. Over the past few years airfare prices throughout the world have decreased significantly with the upcoming of the many new low cost airlines and it is today easier then ever to find get a good deal when flying to Spain but you still have to do some thorough search. When calculating the price of your trip to Spain, you should understand that …CONTINUE READING

So, you are preparing to move to Spain to study Spanish language. Great! You must be so excited….or, stressed. While studying in Spain, where you live will play a significant role in the nature of your overall experience. Let’s say that you have decided that a flat-share is the right type of accommodation for you (as opposed to other types), and that you have chosen to search by yourself instead of using an agent like UniSpain. You have already conducted your search and are ready to make a final decision based on your available options. …CONTINUE READING

You know that you want to learn Spanish in Spain, but which city is the best? This question is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer, but it’s absolutely one of the most important questions to answer correctly. The correct answer is: there isn’t one. Each of the language school locations offered by UniSpain is a great candidate to being your perfect destination, but what makes one destination the perfect city is a decision that is up to you. When you are ready to make the decision of …CONTINUE READING

Studying Spanish in Spain doesn’t have to be expensive. While big cities like Madrid and Barcelona require students to save a hefty sum to afford living, studying, and traveling, there are quite a few cities that offer an affordable and enjoyable lifestyle to short term or long term students. Students that are interested in studying in Spain should consider more than just the cost of tuition when they look for the best city to study in. Some of the important costs to take into account are: accommodation, groceries, dining in …CONTINUE READING

You have decided that you want to learn Spanish and you know that there can be no better a place to learn than in Spain itself. Of course going abroad to learn a new language can be very costly so what we would like to do here is to help you decide which would be the best destination in Spain to study Spanish while trying to keep the costs down to a minimum.   Finding cheap flights from Scandinavia to Spain The first thing we have to consider is the …CONTINUE READING