In a world that is becoming more and more globalised, knowing more than one language could prove could be an asset. If you are considering the option of learning a new language – good for you! The addition of any language to your linguistic repertoire could only ever be a plus. But here, we will highlight five reasons why opting to learn the Spanish language, in particular, could be an excellent choice for your language learning endeavour. 1. Demographic A command of the Spanish language grants access to a significant …CONTINUE READING

So you’re planning to study Spanish in Spain for a while. ¡Qué bien! Once you’ve decided on your budget, the next thing is to pick your destination, as well as a good language school. This can be a tough decision to make.Spain is a huge country with a myriad of climates, landscapes, micro cultures and regional accents. You might feel equally drawn to spending your free time in flip-flops sipping sangria, as experiencing exciting Spanish city life. City or sea, what’s best? We here at UniSpain have resolved the problem …CONTINUE READING

If you’re going to study Spanish in Spain, accommodation will always be a major factor. This is true in terms of your budget, but also as far as your social experience abroad goes. Age is a factor Not all types of student residences are suitable for all ages. For example, a student in his or her twenties will probably prefer shared accommodation where there is a big emphasis on activities and socialising. But a mature 40+ student is unlikely to want to share a room with other students in the …CONTINUE READING

Would you like to spend the afternoon lazing under a parasol with a good book? Or sample some delicious tapas with a cool drink? Oh wait. Weren’t you supposed to be studying Spanish? Sun, Beaches and Language Immersion Studying Spanish in Spain isn’t all about irregular verbs. Let’s face it, when you’re enrolled on a tough language course, you’ll need to balance it out with some beach time and fun. After all, you’re spending all that money to learn a new language. Why not go back home with a suntan …CONTINUE READING

Have you ever wondered which Spanish language learning method is best suited to your age? Which techniques give the most success to kids, teens, Spanish students in their twenties, thirties or forties, or middle aged or a mature learners? This blog post looks at the different influences on your ability to learn a language. Surprisingly, according to experts, language learning at different ages is not really that dependent on your physical or cognitive abilities, your brain’s learning capacity, or your ability to process information… How quickly do people learn a …CONTINUE READING

Whether you plan on coming to Spain to study Spanish for a handful of weeks, a couple of months or for an entire academic year, or even longer – a cell phone would be something essential to have. Almost everyone these days has a cell phone, or even sometimes two. A cell phone helps facilitate the running of both mundane and important tasks in your everyday life, and perhaps even more importantly, having one is sure way of having a social life in Spain and also keeping in close touch …CONTINUE READING

Spain’s language schools Language schools in Spain fall into two main categories: public universities and private language schools. But deciding which one would be the most suitable for your language learning abroad can be difficult! The following questions should help you to consider the pros and cons and make an informed choice…   1. Why are you studying Spanish? If your main reason for studying Spanish is simply to have a hobby, or because you are looking for an alternative holiday or want to do something personally fulfilling, then you …CONTINUE READING

Cool, urban living? Tradition, history and academia? Castilian accent or regional customs? Gastronomy and nightlife? Budget living? Or sun and beaches? Where are the best places for studying Spanish in Spain? Spain is an enormous country, both in landmass and the type of people, micro-cultures and landscape it offers. So once you have decided to study Spanish in Spain, it may become quite hard to pick one place out of all the choices available.   How to Choose Where to Learn Spanish in Spain You may want to consider five …CONTINUE READING

Poised for success If you are 18 to 35 years old and looking to enhance your studies or your career through learning Spanish in Spain, you are in a unique position. Never has there been such a choice of programs, courses, university gap year options, professional sabbaticals and vacation learning schemes available for you to choose from. And with employers and universities fully grasping the value of students and employees, who are educated, skilled, well travelled and able to communicate with other cultures and countries in a second language, your …CONTINUE READING

In this article, we will compare Malaca Instituto and  Proyecto Español Alicante; two Spanish Language Schools located in the beautiful country of Spain. The comparison is interesting as each school represents a different niche as far as Spanish language schools go. One, Malaca Instituto, is on the pricier side on the spectrum and attempts to create a top class experience that justifier the price, while the other, Proyecto Español Alicante, gives a great deal on course programs and attempts to provide quality content for a minimal price. Malaca Instituto This school has over 40 years …CONTINUE READING