Flying to Spain to do a language course does not have to cost a bomb. To ease the burden of accommodation and travel expenses, thank goodness budget airlines were invented! Flying regular routes from UK and Ireland to most Spanish airports, they might not offer the most glamorous of travel styles, but will certainly leave some money in your pocket to spend during your exciting Spanish trip. What we’ve done for you Whilst Easy Jet and Ryanair are still the industry leaders, more and more cheap flights are available every …CONTINUE READING

As a student, the opportunity to study abroad is one of the best advantages you have. Not only will you be given the chance to learn a new language, but you’ll come into contact with a culture different from your own. These experiences often result in profound personal growth and a widening of perspective, and what better time to get them under your belt than as a student, when traveling is at its easiest? A study abroad experience in Spain is an excellent choice because you’ll find it a highly …CONTINUE READING

Learning Spanish is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do to open future doors of opportunity in your life. Spanish is spoken officially in more than 20 countries by over 400 million native speakers throughout the world. Its importance from a cultural and economic perspective continues to grow as Spain strengthens the relationship between Europe and Latin America and the Hispanic population in the U.S. (predicted to constitute nearly 25% of the population by 2050) plays an ever-larger role in the life and economy of the country. Knowledge …CONTINUE READING

Business Spain is an excellent study abroad option for business students in large part because of the crucial role it plays as a bridge between Europe and Latin America. Countless Spanish companies have made the leap across the Atlantic and taken root in Central and South American countries and, as of late, vice-versa. Madrid and Barcelona are the best destinations in Spain for business students. Both cities are important business centers in Spain; Madrid because of its status as the country’s capital and Barcelona thanks to its international connections to …CONTINUE READING