Are you considering a trip to Spain to learn Spanish? If so, you have two main ways of booking a Spanish language course in Spain: By booking directly with a language school By booking through a study-abroad agency Today we’ll look at the second option, agencies. Study-abroad agencies, like we at UniSpain, are attractive to language students looking to travel abroad. Agencies can make bookings easy. You can compare various courses and destinations online, book accommodation as part of the package and some agencies also offer discounts. Specialist study-abroad agencies …CONTINUE READING

So in helping you prepare for your move to Spain to study Spanish, we at UniSpain have shared with you a number of ways to search for a shared flat on your own on-line and also given you a check-list of useful things to consider when sifting through what you find. But here, we think it is necessary to draw attention to some of the possible dangers that you could come across when independently conducting your search for shared-flat from afar using the internet. Yes, I am talking about Scams. Unfortunately, they …CONTINUE READING

If you would like to come to Spain to study Spanish, I salute you for taking this brave and life changing step! In order to prevent you from drowning in the array of choices and simplify your quest to find a Spanish Language School that would be best suited to you, we have decided to first give you a clearer idea with a summary of the types of Spanish Language Courses available across numerous schools in Spain. In Spain, majority of schools offer courses that follow a standard rubric and …CONTINUE READING

Before you register for a Spanish language course, it would help to have some sort of idea of your Spanish aptitude level. Most schools conduct tests of their own to place their students at the appropriate levels but it does not hurt to assess where you stand for yourself. In Europe, there is a standard yard-stick that is used to measure the level of a person’s linguistic capabilities which is called the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages (CEFR) that was put into place by the Council of …CONTINUE READING

Choosing a Spanish language course in Spain is not always easy. Types of lessons and schools, prices, destinations, teaching methods… It can all get overwhelming! All Spanish schools will of course ensure you that they are the best at teaching Spanish. So how can you really know which one to choose? How do you pick the right Spanish language course for you? Based on Unispain’s experience working with over 40 Spanish language schools in Spain, here are some top tips to help you along.   1. What can you afford? …CONTINUE READING

What is an NIE? This stands for  “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros” (Identification Number of Foreign Resident) and will serve as your Identification number while you are studying Spanish in Spain. It is officially issued by the National Police of Spain as a means to monitor any professional activity by both residents and non residents in Spain. Once you have procured your NIE, the number will always remain yours, one and the same, and can be used throughout Spain no matter the region you procured it from. Although the NIE …CONTINUE READING