What can I expect from Madrid as a city? Madrid is addictive. Anybody who has been to this capital city will say the same! Full of people from all over Spain and the world, Madrid makes everybody feel welcome. Once you’re there, it becomes surprisingly easy to slip into the huge city’s rhythm. Eventually, you’ll like it so much that it gets hard to leave… Madrid is teaming with museums, monuments, parks, seven-nights-a-week nightlife, fabulous restaurants and tapas bars – and a city population that’s cosmopolitan and busy, but never …CONTINUE READING

Perhaps you did not read our article on general tips to banking in Spain and Guide to Opening a Bank Account in Spain and now you find yourself in a money jam… Your bank has blocked your card because you did not warn them of potential overseas activity. You have exceeded the fixed amount of money you can withdraw from an ATM at a given period. You had to pay a huge unexpected sum of money and now you are broke! You have been robbed of your bank cards, chequebooks etc. One …CONTINUE READING

Who doesn’t love free stuff? That is what I thought…everyone does! Especially when it is a Free eBook offered by UniSpain that serves as a comprehensive Spanish language learning guide and would be the perfect complement to any Spanish language course. The UniSpain Free Spanish Study Guide can be easily downloaded here in pdf format in just a couple of seconds and is sure to get you started learning Spanish even before you arrive in Spain! It has something for everyone, no matter the Spanish level – from the true and utter complete beginner to …CONTINUE READING

It is official, you are going to Spain to study Spanish and you need to find a place to live pronto. You have chosen to search for a flat-share by yourself, foregoing other housing options, and ideally, you would love to be able to visit each and every flat in person …but that won’t be possible since you are still in your home country and will not be in Spain before your Spanish courses start. So what to do? Conduct your search online, of course! With our mini-guide below you will be able to …CONTINUE READING

Let’s face it, these days we really are spoiled for choice. As a Spanish language student, you might feel bombarded by different methods, techniques, learning platforms, materials, locations and teachers. From online courses and learning communities, CD or mp3 courses, plus language learning Apps for tablets and smartphones, choices of Spanish classes to attend and the multitude of Spanish learning trips advertised by schools abroad… sometimes too much choice means that we end up not being able to decide at all. Below, we have compiled some useful facts and information …CONTINUE READING

If you plan on coming to Spain to study Spanish for a handful of weeks or just a couple of months then I doubt you would have banking issues. However, if the course of your studies will endure for at least 5-6 months or longer, then I suggest that you open a Spanish bank account. Depending on the sort of debit/credit card that you have from your home country-you could survive just fine in Spain without a Spanish bank account. But if your bank card from home proves to be expensive …CONTINUE READING

When planning your language learning trip to Spain, you’ll probably want to work on your Spanish with others of your own or similar age. It’s important for most students to have classroom time with their age peers and the same goes for activities outside the classroom, as well as sharing accommodation. Teenagers or students in their twenties probably prefer to hang out and study with others their own age… and people in their thirties, forties, fifties and over, most likely feel the same! Choosing a Spanish language course in Spain …CONTINUE READING

In Spain, there are three main housing options available to students : 1. Student Residences 2 Spanish Host-Family 3. Flat-share Each option has its associated advantages and disadvantages so it is up to you to decide which one would be best suited to your individual needs and tastes. Student Residence This is a typical set-up where you are assigned a room in a housing establishment inhabited by other students like you. The rent price includes meals taken at the residence’s cafeteria (breakfast, lunch and dinner depending), and amenities such as WiFi, telephone, television etc. Sometimes there …CONTINUE READING

Spain is notorious for its bureaucracy and red tape. And trust me when I say that its reputation does NOT precede it! This post contains little sprinkles of useful tips from someone who surmounted this bureaucratic nightmare that is the Spanish immigration system. It more about helping you make the gruelling immigration process (before and after your arrival) as frustration free as possible (if possible). For more detailed practical advice, read our other articles on NIE and Student Resident Card and Visa procedures.   Tip 1 – Get Accurate Information …CONTINUE READING

Should I study Spanish in Barcelona, Spain? Is it true that Spanish is not spoken in Barcelona? Do I need to speak Catalan to study in Barcelona? Is it is difficult to study Spanish in Barcelona? ……whoa whoa whoa! Barcelona is a beautiful, vibrant city in North-Eastern Spain. Its renowned landmarks, like Sagrada Familia, La Rambla and Guell Park, to name a few, lend themselves to the ever growing global popularity of the city. You are more likely to find some locals who speak a little bit of at least …CONTINUE READING