The warm weather is growing cooler….all around you people are starting to put their bathing suits and sunglasses away. You  start to realize that summer is over. September is here, and autumn has arrived…and what does this really mean in the grand scope of the world? We say goodbye to vacation as people go back to work and students worldwide ready themselves to start another school year.  And you? …Perhaps you would like to give yourself a break from your routine…? If a life transforming experience is the boost that …CONTINUE READING

If you’ve just started researching Spanish language schools, you’re probably quite confused right now. There are hundreds. Big, small, private academy, public university, summer camp, courses with salsa or culture classes, city destinations, beach resorts, historic towns… the choice is overwhelming and the prices vary widely. Price vs. quality? Price is a big issue when booking a language course abroad. You want to make sure you get the most for your money. Many students wonder why some Spanish schools seem very expensive, compared to others. Is quality a factor? In …CONTINUE READING

A great way to support your studies during your Spanish language course in Spain would be to immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking lifestyle; to build upon what you learn during your lessons in the classroom. A tried and true method to improve your Spanish language skills  is to make the learning process a fun one! One of the many benefits of learning Spanish is being able to tap into the wealth of Hispanic culture all over the world in the form of food, film, literature, and of course, music! I would be …CONTINUE READING

If you’ve taken up Spanish language as part of your academic or professional career, a university language course will look good on your CV. But how good are Spain’s universities? And which ones will offer you real quality? Below is a pick of Spain’s finest universities and language faculties. We have included a fair cross section, selected by location, academic standards, reputation and trusted international and Spanish university ranking tables like QS, Shanghai and IAIF. You’ll also find all the essential information about available facilities, location details and a look …CONTINUE READING

In a world that is becoming more and more globalised, knowing more than one language could prove could be an asset. If you are considering the option of learning a new language – good for you! The addition of any language to your linguistic repertoire could only ever be a plus. But here, we will highlight five reasons why opting to learn the Spanish language, in particular, could be an excellent choice for your language learning endeavour. 1. Demographic A command of the Spanish language grants access to a significant …CONTINUE READING

So you’re planning to study Spanish in Spain for a while. ¡Qué bien! Once you’ve decided on your budget, the next thing is to pick your destination, as well as a good language school. This can be a tough decision to make.Spain is a huge country with a myriad of climates, landscapes, micro cultures and regional accents. You might feel equally drawn to spending your free time in flip-flops sipping sangria, as experiencing exciting Spanish city life. City or sea, what’s best? We here at UniSpain have resolved the problem …CONTINUE READING

If you’re going to study Spanish in Spain, accommodation will always be a major factor. This is true in terms of your budget, but also as far as your social experience abroad goes. Age is a factor Not all types of student residences are suitable for all ages. For example, a student in his or her twenties will probably prefer shared accommodation where there is a big emphasis on activities and socialising. But a mature 40+ student is unlikely to want to share a room with other students in the …CONTINUE READING

Barcelona! The capital of Catalonia Spain! What a great opportunity to have to see one of the world’s most visited metropolitan cities – a huge networking ground of Europe! The city is known for its vibrant energy which could prove to be a tad overwhelming, sucking you into a roller coaster adventure full of Spanish culture – and hopefully, Spanish language learning. Here at UniSpain, we would love that you take full advantage of your opportunity to live and study in Barcelona, so we have compiled a list of fun Language exchange activities …CONTINUE READING

Would you like to spend the afternoon lazing under a parasol with a good book? Or sample some delicious tapas with a cool drink? Oh wait. Weren’t you supposed to be studying Spanish? Sun, Beaches and Language Immersion Studying Spanish in Spain isn’t all about irregular verbs. Let’s face it, when you’re enrolled on a tough language course, you’ll need to balance it out with some beach time and fun. After all, you’re spending all that money to learn a new language. Why not go back home with a suntan …CONTINUE READING

Here at UniSpain, we love to provide you with great tips on your Spanish language learning journey. Take a read at the advice from today’s guest blogger Andrew, who spent the last several years teaching himself Spanish from home with free online resources and media such as TV shows, movies, music, books, etc. This a great and fun way to complement a Spanish language course in Spain. Here is Andrew: Why it needs to be FUN and how we’re going to do it I can’t possibly overemphasize how important this is, even though …CONTINUE READING